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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Google Chrome and Autoscroll Do NOT Get Along

For about THREE months now, I've had this problem.  Still have not been able to permanently disable it.

When I click on a tab, it automatically closes!topic/chrome/RsHaTtIZmXo

Chrome Tab closes upon clicking.!category-topic/chrome/report-a-problem-and-get-troubleshooting-help/5jufHqAMX0w

Google Chrome (tabs close instead of switching to)

Whenever I am working in Chrome, I usually have 3-4 tabs open, if I try to switch tabs then it will close it instead of switching to it.

This does not appear to be just a chrome problem. Opera browser does the exact same.

When I have mozilla firefox open, it is generally unresponsive and frozen. As a matter of fact the whole computer is frozen, and I have to open file manager and do a ctrl alt delete to UNfreeze it.

Then the autoscroll is stuck on, which is what is causing the problem to begin with, and that can't seem to get fixed.

Pressing on the mouse wheel toggles off and on the closing tabs action. Clicking the mouse wheel usually is used for going into scroll-mode, but in chrome it turns on click-close action on tabs. The computer is sending middle-clicks to google chrome and turns on autoscroll at the same time.

This is evidenced by the fact that tabs close when you middle click on them, and middle-clicking on a bookmark toolbar folder will open every bookmark inside in a separate tab.

Sometimes SMASHING the ever loving shit out of the mouse button while upside down on my desk will temporarily turn it off.   It has some kind of hair trigger in it that turns it on.  Several mice being used does not eliminate the problem.

What I don't know is whether the auto scroll turns on first, then starts the browser problem, or if it's the browser that starts the chain of bad events.

I've even tried disabling the middle mouse button, in hopes of getting rid of this damn aggravating problem.  The registry edits took, but when I look at mouse settings, it shows it hasn't been affected, despite registry edits.  I always thought registry entries and settings control everything, but on this piece of shit computer.

As evidenced in the above links, I'm not the only one having this problem.  It seems to be rampant.  It seems to be mostly happening on laptop computers, but I have a desktop Windows piece of shit 7, and it's still happening.   So it's NOT just a laptop problem.

Microsoft computers and software are both a piece of shit.

I want to permanently TURN OFF this damn auto-scroll FOR GOOD.

Here is one thing I have yet to try, but have to wait until I get a microsoft mouse.
From this forum  ...

If you have a microsoft mouse or microsoft compatible mouse you can use intellpoint software to disable it

Seems like the best solution is to install a Linux operating system on here.

Any super smart folks out there have a PERMANENT solution?   Getting rid of this problem would totally make my month.

It happened while typing up this post.  It is so aggravating and I am beyond frustrated here.

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