Toxic Home Transformation Summit

Toxic Home Transformation Summit

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Is it Mental or is it Dental?

Very well written and good points raised.  Humanity is degenerating and we must all do what we can to get structurally correct, with whatever it may take.

One thing to take particular notice of... In a well-developed face the naso-labial angle is less than 90 degrees. And if it is more than 90 than this is a good indication that your maxilla is underdeveloped.

I'm still working on all of mine and I must say it seems to be taking forever.  This body got ruined at an early age by ignorant people who just didn't give a shit really, and it's hard to live, move and have my being with it always getting in the way.  It's been a major block in preventing me from having what could have been a very joyful and productive life.  See the mental distress here?

And the therapies are costly and it's a constant struggle to get the $$$ to fix this mess.  It's always been my teeth, because my parents took me to idiots who ruined them with mercury, fluoride, extractions, root canals imaginary cavities, just so they could drill, ruin them and make money, etc...

Even the real ones could have been regenerated, because in the last year, I had a real cavity on the gumline of one molar, and it's since then filled in by taking fermented cod liver oil, the monosodium phosphate, real butter, organic sulfur, amino acids, G5 organic silica and the minerals.  So that's my good news.  I have expectations of repairing more.  But still need a major miracle of regrowing what was taken from me.

I'm still praying for this miracle everyday.  It's in my heart and I think about it constantly.

SOOOOOO many people will be extremely ecstatic if this happens for real.

And the kick in the face by a horse wasn't so fun either, because at age 4 or 5, someone wasn't watching me and left me home with NO supervision.

Wanna know why people are really unhappy, depressed, oppressed. etc....?

Imagine if everyone was equally strong, in alignment, equally healthy and good looking.  Imagine if everyone could just regenerate and grow a third set of teeth, and perfectly straight too! A LOT of jealously and strife would end that quick.  Because folks are tired of being judged on simply how they look, and most of all, people really would LOVE to feel good.  I'm my utmost best when I feel well.

My body's original design had the great potential to be so much better too.  Alot of other folks struggling with the same issues.  Because we all discuss it nearly daily.  Many folks have a bug up their ass about theirs as well.

That's why I'm SO grateful for these therapies that have come into being.  NCR, AtlasPro, ABC, NRCT, Starecta, Proper dentistry (Mike Mew, John Mew, Robert Hang, Brendan Stack,Weston Price, etc....), and many others too numerous to mention.  Now we can fix most of these things like Plato, Ben, Hillary, Dean, Linda, Rachel, Moreno. Valerio, Ashton, Ken, Michael, Ranan, Paul, Jerry, Dirk, Jesse, and myself, plus many others have done.  Good job everyone

If I have to incarnate back into this place, I would AT LEAST love to have TWO parents who would do the best for me, take care of me, show me love, and not be so ignorant like the two this time around.

It's too bad, I'm past the age of having any more children, as I would know what to do and what NOT to do.  It's probably best I didn't because the world is evil and SUCKS.  I feel sorry for any new parents these days.  Always the threat of forced vaccines, medical treatments, CPS, kidnapping, etc...

The world really is a minefield.  I dream of a Utopian world all the time.   Sigh.

Anyway, read the Weston Price article.  It explains the stuff so well.

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