Candida Summit

Candida Summit

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Military Exercise In Connecticut, Army Seeks Role Players for Ohio Drill...

I believe this is real pick up not a drill. It's called a drill and they are hiring people telling they are crises actors so they will "pretend" they are arresting and hauling off REAL people for REAL death. Thing is it IS real going on.  If you see it in your area, or hear of an upcoming drill, might be a good idea to GTFO for the time being.

Published on 2 Apr 2015

An All News Pipeline reader recently emailed us the following pictures of a militarized drill in New Haven, Connecticut and asked us whether we believed that Jade Helm 15 had come to Connecticut.

Another ANP reader also uncovered a HUGE number of Federal Business Opportunities that appear to be tied to both Jade Helm 15, 'Mastering the Human Domain' as well as a new slew of 'crisis actor' opportunities for upcoming mass casualty drills in Ohio for the month of June. Need a p/t job; you can check out the role player opportunities here.

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