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Sunday, April 26, 2015

The Scientific Evidence that Body Posture Depends on Teeth

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ok I must admit also this report it's a little bit technical.

This report shows that posture is directly connected to the correlation between skull and jaw.

If your teeth are not sufficiently extruded in a symmetric way, you will most probably run into postural problems such as scoliosis, kyphosis, lordosis, asymmetries and musculoskeletal twists.

Scientific Evidence:Posture Depends on Teeth

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I can see that Bradley Cooper could possibly have headaches, backaches, or some such.
He's still good looking but not symmetrical.  So what the fuck happened to all of us?
The skull rests on the jaw. The ‘bite’ acts as a pivot and by its thickness makes the jaw work like a lever. As a result the skull is pushed into an ideal physiological postural position, stretching the spine as a consequence. This means that the skull changes its slope in relation to the jaw and is raised in the premolar and molar zones to an extent proportional to the non-extrusion of these teeth. The lack of dental height is caused by the non-extrusion or sinking of the molar and premolar teeth. The space which is created between the dental arcs is in proportion to the dental height which is lacking in the individual mouth.

So this having small teeth, or missing teeth is why our entire skull and body collapses.  Those with missing teeth, may have to get a dentist involved, in order to make sure it's leveled and correct.

This can be used along with NCR, Face pulling, ABC, palate expansion (Bioblock, DNA Appliance, Homeoblock, etc..), and other modalities.

NCR, ABC and some face pulling has given me a bit more symmetry, but missing those molars (thanks idiots!), I will have to have this too, in order to jack up the back of my skull.  This is precisely why my Atlas wont' stay in, and there is compression below the skull.  There are no words in the dictionary that exist that describes how miserable I've been in this body.

With all this being the "norm" now, this tells me that we're not fearfully and wonderfully made, but more like half assed slapped together.  lol

And it's not about looks either.  It's about feeling well and being functional.  This is why people are so grouchy, especially when aging.

I didn't even grow three of my wisdom teeth, so God owes me those three teeth.  I'd like to have them now please.  Thanks!

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