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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Creative People...Yes,

Yes, I'm guilty of all of the following infractions, errr... I mean qualities.

Let's see...

* Been bored.  ALOT
* Taken risks?  Sure
* Yes, I color outside the lines alot and enjoy breaking the crayons while doing so. Do the same with makeup.
* Yep, follow my heart in all things.
* Made so many mistakes and stopped counting eons ago.
* No one hates all the damn snitty ass rules, more than I do.  And I was hated for it, and still am, for the most part.

Yeah, because there's more to life than the controlling rules and damn rat race.

* Yes, independent work is the best, which is why I've always preferred the work at home with affiliate programs, data entry, do other odd jobs on the computer for different folks.
* Yep, I can change my mind in 3... 2... 1...
* Eccentric to a pain.
* Dream big?  Hell yeah!  Why do you think I found all this stuff such as NCR, ABC, AtlasPro, and other alternatives?  Because I knew that somewhere, somehow that there was a better way.  Even after being told that some things can not be changed.

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