Candida Summit

Candida Summit

Friday, June 26, 2015

SB277 -- Mandatory Poisoning

SB277 Passed what we need to do now!

SB277 Passes in California! If Jerry Brown signs it the bill becomes Law and parents will have to get a medical vaccine exemption form or home school their children. I have advice at the end of the video on what we should do about this:)
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Kenny Valenzuela

We're all being, or have been, challenged to our core. Can we live and love in the midst of all the bullshit that screams at us or that sometimes scares us or pisses us off? Can we make our own choices and stand by them, with grace and peace, even if they're not the popular ones but the right ones for us? That's what is happening, in my opinion.
~ Michelle Akers


What I've said before in other posts...

So then it would be time to force the liability issue.

Some people are beginning to use The Vaccination Notice since it raises these issues and forces the liability issue.  You can ask Ingri and/or Al Whitney regarding that, as that is what she suggests to folks now, since exemptions are becoming harder to get, and states like California are changing their statutes to wipe out the exemptions.  If that passes, CA will be a medical exemption only state.  So that is why more and more are using the lawful notice instead.

Most folks don't understand that the public health department, the CDC and the state are all corporations. Basically Our Government is a Corporation. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) is a corporation headquartered in the STATE OF GEORGIA. The CDC IS NOT PART OF A LEGITIMATE GOVERNMENT. Repeat: the CDC IS NOT PART OF A LEGITIMATE GOVERNMENT! It is a private for-profit corporation that is chartered under the umbrella of the private for-profit UNITED STATES corporation with extremely close ties to the pharmaceutical companies.

I do not recognize the CDC as a government health advocacy organization. It is a corporation listed on Dun and Bradstreet and headquartered in the STATE OF GEORGIA, with strong ties to the pharmaceutical industry. Therefore, their recommendations are influenced by the 'fiscal' health of their corporation. [See: Our Government is a Company, the Clearfield Doctrine and The Great American Adventure - Secrets of America by Judge Dale


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