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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Doctors are Being Killed from Saving Your Children ~ Most Urgent!!!

Dr Ted Broer was on Hagmann & Hagmann 7/25/13....if u HAVENT listened, it's a MUST on his breaking info in relation to this but some damning info on why he & those other Dr's "no longer on the planet." Must begin listening around 25-30min mark as they almost couldn't get their broadcast system to WORK to put out his message!  This video is a snippet of that, so it's much shorter, but still with important information.

"He even made SURE he commented how he was NOT on any medication, or suicidal or anything of the like "in case" his life in danger from putting out this info....thank you for Ur voice & putting this out !! God protect you!" Brook

For that matter, neither am I.

The main reason for why they are killing DOCTORS. It is because they don't people to know about GcMAF, NAGALASE, and its connection to AUTISM and CANCER.

Please share far and wide.

90% if disease could be avoided by avoiding what the govt tells us is safe and adhering to proper nutrition , which would entail consumption of organic food grown in real soil with real minerals.

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