Toxic Home Transformation Summit

Toxic Home Transformation Summit

Saturday, July 25, 2015

The Daily Messenger: Democrat ghouls protecting the death camps and sal...

The Daily Messenger: Democrat ghouls protecting the death camps and sale of human infant parts demand Obama’s InJustice Department investigate those who dared shine the light of truth on the horrors at Planned Parenthood...: by IWB · July 24, 2015 by William Stickevers  All during the 1920’s and very early 30’s The Munich Post newspaper had been engaged in warning the people of Germany of the intents of a madman who would become their dictator...


Here's something regarding the death camps. From one of the anti vaccine activists...

Ann Marie Carey

13 hrs

I urgently need people to share this document, I do mean urgently as well, on hard drive or any method to make sure it stays in the public domain and is spread vastly. If you are aware of the fact that there is a plan in place to stamp out any dissents amongst the public or even if you are skeptic of such things, you need to read this document and spread it far and wide asap. At the moment there is a military build up in certain states in the US, the Govt are calling it an exercise, documents have been leaked online that point to it being a lot more sinister, a prelude to a rounding up of people who do not agree with their Govt, dissidents or rabble rousers. This has been refuted by the military and the US Govt who claim it is merely a training exercise. What I have found is proof that this is not the case. A 326 page manual written in 2010, by the Sec of the Army, that goes into great detail about how the population will be rounded up and processed. The means and methods to do so, the reasons, the capability, the use of Biometric data to determine who will be involved in raids, without their knowledge, by mingling with the public, the use of places (like the closed Walmart facilities) that have all the necessary requirements in place ie location, space, isolated areas and even look out posts, that can be expanded on in quick time,to help process groups of 500 at a time, it goes on to state how important it is to use the event in such a way that does not declare hostilities that can warn the media or bring discredit to the US, I urge you, to save this document, share it with everyone, make videos linking it, this is the single, most important post that I have ever written, I hope you realise this too, no matter which subjects you have decided to make a stand against, in the end, it will not matter, just the fact that you are against the system will be enough to get you locked up, this is not a case of fear mongering, this is a warning, ignore this document at your peril.

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