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Thursday, August 20, 2015

RAIN Is Needed Badly Here

The Inland/Pacific Northwest, which includes,... OR, ID, MT & CA are pretty much burning up right now... the very few times we've had rain actually started fires, due to the lightening... let's please all take a moment to pray for rain tomorrow WITHOUT lightening!!!  Just plain RAIN without the drama please!

It is so devastating for those who have lost their lives and homes... not to mention the animals and wildlife... in our area there hasn't been anything this bad since 1910. We DO have orgone put down here in the immediate area, with at least 4 or 5 cloudbusters, but can't speak for the surrounding states that have the fires.  Right now, the sun is a red orangish color, the skies are smoky, and ashes are literally raining down outside, and have been for days... please pray for RAIN!!!!

Let's join together and pray for lots of rain on Friday, Saturday, & Sunday. It seems like in the past few months we have had minor sprinklings on these days when we were supposed to get rain. Lets pray for rain for all these states..., and pray for these fires to be stomped out. Unified prayer works!


Also, thank you to those who ordered some of the organic sulfur and the magnesium product recently.  Got a nice surprise check at the post office, which went towards groceries.

Thanks for you prayers and support in that.  Hopefully, that ad posting online data entry will start back up soon.

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