Toxic Home Transformation Summit

Toxic Home Transformation Summit

Monday, August 17, 2015

We Would Appreciate Your Prayers and Help...

We could use your help here.  Prayers are the best, I've found.

However, other support is also appreciated.  

For the past few years, I, along with others, have been posting information on the happenings in the world, both bad and good.  I prefer the good, of course.

The health information is my favorite subject of blog posting, but I post and repost other topics from other bloggers and online articles, videos, etc...

We've done our best to post cutting edge health stuff and products.

We simply stopped all volunteering type of work, as we have felt taken advantage of.  We can no longer do free work for anyone.

Here's how our readers can help.   There are many good quality products posted to the sidebar on the right here.

Although there is a donate button on the right, it would help all involved, if our readers and subscribers here would browse the list and find something helpful for you and your families, friends, etc...  However, anyone can donate if they like.

While it's mostly health products, we've also branched out and offered other things, such as tee shirts, since those are so popular.  Some nice clothing shops on eBay are posted, along with equipment for other various things such as solar panels, etc...

I'm particularly picky when it comes to offering products to others.  We like to make sure we offer things that will help humanity in any way, especially the health stuff.  We do not believe in offering things that would harm another.  And also we won't work jobs that sells things that would harm humanity.  Which is why we won't work in liquor stores, be a waiter/waitress, government jobs, McDonald's, and the like, etc...  We are much happier working from our home, and prefer avoiding any office politics and drama with other people.  Besides, there are no suitable jobs from local businesses here that will help humanity in a positive way.

We have been struggling since last November, when the online ad posting job was ended by the company.  It sucks when my spouse has to charge groceries on a credit card and accrue debt.  We live rather modestly compared to our families and friends.  We now struggle just getting the essential supplements and having at least one ABC appointment a month just to get a meningeal release.

My one and only child also needs prayers, as something is wrong and she is having to go to ER in a panic and with pain.   Was told she had osteo-arthritis in her chest, and she's had mitral valve prolapse all her life, but that is not what is causing her great distress.  My feelings is that she is stressed, because of school, work and the upcoming September stuff, which is of concern to most folks.  I also think it's bad posture and have mentioned to her that she needs ABC to correct her posture and get the pressure off her chest.  I'm upset, because we are no longer able to help her due to the loss of that online job, which I was giving her some each month to help her, as she has expenses from school and transportation.

Anyhow, we all could use prayers and support.

Her paypal is kissykiss80 (
Ours is the donate button on the right.

Most of all, the prayers are enough, especially for those who are also struggling and living day to day, so please pray for all of us.   We all would LOVE the prayers.

Thank you and much love to all.

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