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Thursday, August 13, 2015

What is the #1 Health Freedom Issue?

Feel free to forward to your contacts in Idaho who are clear about this issue. If they are on the fence, please don't bother sending -- have them watch The Greater Good movie, access the documented science on Leslie's website and/or read the information in our Vaccination 101 course in my signature below.

To all my Idaho friends in Vaccine Truth,

After SB 277 passed in California, removing the philosophical exemption to vaccine mandates (never had a religious exemption), and Vermont lost their philosophical exemption to vaccine mandates (H98/S53) while retaining their religious exemption, people in Idaho are keenly aware that Healthy People 2020 is barreling down on us. Vermont was noted as the state with the highest number of vaccine exemptions per capita with Idaho being number 2. This has certainly concerned many of us who feel it is past time to educate our legislators. We are currently networking the state and suggest that you print out the attached one-page flyer and keep a few copies in your car and purse to share with those you know or meet who are as concerned as you are about the rapid loss of health freedoms in our state. For us, failure is not an option but the odds are certainly not on our side with the limitless amount of money our opponents have at their disposal. The "True Cost of Vaccines" that Dr. Tenpenny put together is a brief summary of the reasons the odds are not in our favor. Just so you know, there are ALWAYS solutions. As I say, when a door closes, another one opens. That other door is a Vaccination Notice which is discussed with links to a template here

The flyer (attached) follows:

What is the number one health freedom issue?
Obviously the answer would be vaccines since it is the only product on the market where the manufacturer has been released by our federal government of all liability, AND it is the only product that is mandated for daycare and school entry. But for now, Idaho has exemptions to these mandates.
Currently, many parents in Idaho are bracing for a storm after what happened across the country to take away religious and philosophical exemptions to vaccine mandates for both daycare and public/private schools. Over 100 bills were introduced in nearly all 50 states to limit parents from access to vaccine exemption rights. After SB 277 passed in California and H98/S53 passed in Vermont, Idaho is in the process of establishing a strong network to both introduce legislation to protect our rights, and oppose any legislation that would threaten those rights. Since 2010, many bills have passed which have threatened our rights regarding vaccine tracking registries and exemptions. We now have an Immunization Assessment Board – a huge reason health insurance went up in this state. Unfortunately, most people who have a stake in this issue have neglected to get to know their own senator and representatives. We are hoping that will be changing very soon. We are in the process of introducing two bills during the 2016 legislative session. We are working on sponsors of these bills at the moment. In the meantime, we have launched an 'educate your legislator' campaign. The main topics we are covering through emails to Idaho's legislators are:
1) No liability for vaccine manufacturers
2) CDC corruption and the importance of discrediting the CDC
3) Vaccine injury is real and COMMON
4) Vaccines don't work as alleged. The herd immunity myth AND
5) Antibodies do not equal immunity - the very theory underlying vaccines is now known to be incorrect.
Since 2010, parents have been required to fill out an Idaho exemption form that is not only incriminating in its nature – basically compelling the parent(s) to admit to child neglect for not vaccinating – but are bullied into signing it without being able to adjust the wording on the form. The requirement of Idaho's exemption form is in violation of Idaho Code 39-4802 and 39-4804. Idaho Code 39-4802 only requires a signed statement from the parent(s) or legal guardian of the child.
In December 2014, Ingri Cassel corresponded with Mitch Scoggin, the Director of Idaho's Immunization Program, over a case near Boise regarding a parent's right to alter the form. The public health district worker told the mother that she could not alter the form since it was a legal document. Precisely our point. If you want to see this correspondence, email Ingri Cassel. In fact, if you or anyone you know has been bullied into receiving vaccines or was forceably vaccinated in Idaho, please submit a testimony at
If anyone wants to be part of a state network on this ONE issue, please contact Ingri Cassel or Leslie Manookian.
Ingri Cassel 208-255-2307

Leslie Manookian, producer of The Greater Good (directed and produced in Idaho)


The TRUE cost of vaccines:

From the beginning we have paid for Vaccines:
~ The US Government pays to get them developed
~ The US Government subsidizes vaccine manufacturing
~ The US Government is the largest purveyor/purchaser of produced vaccines of any group in the world
~ The Government underwrites the building of new vaccine plants
~ We pay health department officials to run them and to make sure we are vaccinated
~ We reimburse Doctor's offices and Public Health Clinics to get us vaccinated
~ And we pay for all of those drugs through escalating health insurance premiums
~ And we pay for all the drugs to treat the vaccine injuries we see and all the side effects. We pay and pay and pay. It doesn't just stop with the first shot.

-- Dr. Sherri Tenpenny


Here is our Idaho page that gives background for what happened in 2010.     
Not much has changed significantly -- just gotten a bit worse. For instance, in 2013 -- I.C. 39-4805 Childhood Immunization Policy Commission, whose sole purpose is increasing vaccine rates in this state, became a permanent commission when the Senate passed unanimously to eliminate the commission's sunset clause (July 2013) and the House followed with a large majority of them voting with the Senate.

In the Spirit of Truth,

Ingri Cassel, director
Vaccination Liberation
P.O. Box 457
Spirit Lake, Idaho 83869
(208) 255-2307

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