Candida Summit

Candida Summit

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Dr. Brendan Stack - TMJ Patient Treatments. (Parkinsons - Motor Movements)

This is the splint device similar to the Starecta Rectifier.

I think DR Stack is the US version of Mike Mews in the UK : It's quite dramatic what this TMJ stuff can do:

I'm not that bad off, of course, thanks to the sessions of ABC/NCR and AtlasPro, but I still am not stable enough.   I did black out once in 2012, but that was during a flu which was right after my first NCR.  And the reason it was from the flu because hubby had the same flu and he did not do NCR.

And Lo and Behold....
Malocclusion of teeth and misalignment of the Atlas
It's my stupid Atlas that won't stay in place. Compensation?  Yes, but due to lost teeth which is keeping things out of balance.  NCR and ABC do NOT directly treat the Atlas.  That's why the whole group of us are doing several modalities to set things aright.

Our bodies are inferior, simple as.  There is no reason anyone should suffer like this.  None at all.

Someone certainly does, for real.

No one is immune apparently.

Bradley Cooper, actor
Even the good looking folks have problems.
Photo courtesy of Starecta

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