Wednesday, September 2, 2015

The Daily Messenger: Critical thinking vs the programmed droid

The Daily Messenger: Critical thinking vs the programmed droid

My family continues until this day to undermine me in any way possible, when I warn them about vaccines, pHARMa drugs, chemtrails, etc..., and they make sure everyone else knows it too.  These blood related droids seem to get off on trying to make me appear stupid, yet at the same time are coming down with weird sicknesses, cancers, and the like.

They think I'm being anal or difficult because I won't eat certain things, or think like them, errrr, be a droid like them.

The only thing/s wrong with me are the continuing structural problems, simply because droid parents ruined my teeth, and now having to live without some of them, while my skull sinks and compresses my cervical spine.  This is why all this interest in NCR, ABC, AtlasProfilax, Starecta, etc... I've been doing all this time, except for the Starecta.   And the family droids poo poo on those healing treatments as well.

I would fare better, if I would miraculously grow new teeth.  God owes me three wisdom teeth that never grew in to begin with anyway.  Hehe.  But I'm still faring better than the family droids, simply because I say NO to all the LAMEstream stuff.

I was treated like this all my life by them and classmates, so nothing new under the sun there.

They're all in for a RUDE awakening and very soon.

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