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Candida Summit

Saturday, September 19, 2015

World ~ Five for fighting

This is one of the songs that plays as an into for the Sulfur Hour +1 with the host, co-hosts, and guests.

Well?... What Kind of World Do You Want?  See my ideas on commentary below the video for a few of mine.

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As per an IM with a friend, we were talking about ideas and what things would we do to change the world.  I like seeking out solutions, myself.  Yes, we post about the problems still, because most people are still zombified in their sheeple slumber.

So these are some snippets from our discussion and quotes and comments from others from the Starecta group, their individual blogs, etc..

I will be adding to this post, as I (and some other folks) come up with them.   I'm a visionary when it comes to stuff like this.

The things I envisioned for a Utopian world and society.

The FIRST things to go are vaccines and Big pHARMa.  Then chemtrails, GMOs, Monsatan, fluoride, etc...

People everywhere will be de-programmed and learn the truth of all things.  Re-educated in a loving and gentle way.  Because at first, it will shock them, that they have been lied to all these years.  They will be like a kid that found out that there is no tooth fairy, easter bunny, etc... Although, it may be easier on the younger ones, than the older farts, because the older folks are so set in their ways.

Every resident will have fruit trees, nut trees, and berry plants in their yards and properties.  It will be a requirement for landlords to make sure all rental properties to have them.  Trees and the bushes for the local area, which are specific for growing on that area.  Subdivisions will also have their orchards and vineyards, etc... in addition to each resident having their own.  We could barter any extra with others.  And we can start planting the trees and such now.  Why wait?  The new Human Gifting Project.  Plant trees for your neighbors and communities.  It's already happening to a degree in some places.  The old farts and middle aged folks are going to need a little extra help due to back problems, knee problems, etc...  At least until all the regeneration electro-magnetic and other bio-electric devices are freely available without fear of alphabet soup agencies confiscating them or banning them.

happiness, barter trading  ~Lili Leong 

Community projects would be to help plant these trees for all residents, until everyone had them.  But why stop there?  Some will be planted in the wild for people to stumble upon in the years to come.

"It was a dream but I decided to put into action after talking to you. I fenced up some land & bought some fruit plants from nursery. I'm excited"  ~Lili Leong

School lunches will also include the best quality supplements, such as colloidal minerals, monosodium phosphate, the organic sulfur, organic silica, fermented cod liver oil, raw buter oil, etc...

With these supplements, there would be no reason for bad teeth, nor evil dentists to ruin them by toxic fluoride, mercury, and no molestation of our physical stucture which happens when pulling them.  Remember teeth determine posture.  If you pull that back molar out, your skull will sink and there goes the neighborhood! (head and spine)

And about the supplements taken.... ALL supplement companies will clean up their supplements.  No more of these synthetic B-12 cyanocobalamin, etc... no magnesium steareates, no maltodextrins, etc...  B-12 will be the premethylated form.  No shit supplements.  High quality all the way baby!  No cheap shortcuts!

Then the rest is from the school's gardens and greenhouses. Wintertime will have those green house hydrophonic gardens for year round food.

Canning will be taught, like our grandmothers did.  Welcome to the new Home Economics classes students!

Orgone will be plenty and those devices will be in each classroom and rooms in the buildings and surrounding areas.   See:  Gifting with Orgone by Cbswork (Feb. 11, 2003) and - Orgonite Information, Links and Resources

"I think our children now need to learn how to raise food, then cook it and eat it, before they graduate from high school. :)" ~David Kaas

Absolutely!!!   Schools would teach gardening, self sufficiency such as building solar energy panels, etc... Those would be the new Home Economics and Shop classes.  Students would and parents alike would all know how to grow local and community greenhouses, for those in the colder climates.  All food would be organic and no Monsatan GMOs or pesticides/herbacides allowed.

Another Shop class would be that Men (and women too!) would know how to build houses.  Bricks would be made out of orgonite.   I saw brick molds one year and had that idea.

Homework would be maintaining a garden at home and bring the fruit and veggies in for grading.

Even in high schools and colleges all would learn Kinesiology, Acupuncture, NCR, ABC, AtlasProfilax, Starecta, Neurology® Rehabilitation, and more, etc... especially, and proper health things will be taught at that early age.

"Extended lifespan and restoration of form and symmetry are byproduct of correct human form. The genetic code of Man is an open-source code that still needs to be modified. ~Kevin Courtois 

This can be done with physical medicine and advanced electro-magnetic therapies that will make surgery obsolete.
"  ~Kevin Courtois

Yeah, like Loren Zanier's Bio-Sonic Health Support & Remediation Machine called Zanier-DYNA CELL™, which was never made available, probably due to the damn FDA, AMA, ADA, and other alphabet soup agencies.  From what I've read there was the Zanier BioUltraGen and the Zanier Sonic Health Support. But good luck finding anyone that has either of these, but I have read testimonials by someone who got to use the BioUltraGen by Zanier.

And that would be via these vectors and healing modalities.  And maybe... perhaps eventually, everyone will be born and keep their structural integrity.  These would be a preventative, but also curative and common knowledge, and be known and practiced by all.  Families will all know how to correct each other. Always good to have because sometimes we will fall and scrape our knees, butts, or whatever, knocking something out of alignment, etc...  Because our bodies are not 100% self corrective.  Remember when Jesse Jutkowitz, founder of ABC, said that anterior (forward) stuck vertebrae cannot self correct?  Well, we would need someone else to correct that for us.  So yes, everyone will know all of these.

"Correct form will lead to correct thinking, if fact if you are so structurally sound it will be very difficult to committ any kind of error at all. The concept of infallibility is a byproduct of sound structure.  That is the goal." ~Kevin Courtois

Absolutely.  Also, the guys and gals from the Sulfur Hour +1 radio show were all talking among themselves that if folks take sulfur they would become nicer people.

Well... No wonder people are miserable.  The structure is off, and their nutrition is shit.  Feel like shit, then act like shit.  How can anyone be all that they can be stuck in a body that constantly betrays them at every turn?  Parents!  This is for you especially!  Never ever deprive the children.  Keep them away from drugs, vaccines, lamestream doctors and dentists.  Time for ignorance to stop.  Break this vicious cycle of medical molestation and ignorance! Children have suffered long enough!

From reading the Cellular Matrix Study notes and reading about the wonderful benefits of organic sulfur, it will be available to all, and pregnant mothers will most definitely be taking it, along with other rebuilding supplements, and not the shitty synthetic pre-natal so called vitamins they get now.  It would be the new staple, among other rebuilding minerals and supplements.

"If you do research on Dr. Wallach, he says that "you" are made a the time of conception. He claims that a mineral deficiency from the parents is the cause behind all birth defect. I think it could be said if you believe this (I do) that structure is the same thing and that it is all determined before you were born. Of course injuries or severe illnesses can have an effect, but if we decide that your "inborn personality temperament" is directly related to your structure, then your "experiences" of seeing the world was already decided essentially before you were conscious. Just an idea really". ~Barak Rosen

Well, you're all in luck with that.  See the big Youngevity banner at the top of this blog.  Ahem!! Hint!

School lunches would be from the fruit & nut trees and other edible plants and berry bushes from the schools' gardens and/or greenhouses, as they would be required to have them,  Even the dandelions and some of other weeds that are good for us.  Those would be allowed to grow, and no spraying for weeds.  We will just pull them and eat along with the wild onions that grow.  A fresh salad outside in your yard.  We had these growing up.  I would literally eat out of the yard as a child.  My parents probably looked out and saw weeds.  I saw "lunch".  NOM NOM NOM!

Botanics will have to be taught, for sure, because some plants are poisonous.  So we must have the botanical plants classes to know what we can eat and what should be avoided.

See:  the Green Beautiful movie as an example.  Minus the crazy football scene, which didn't make sense.
This one is just the trailer.

Found the FULL movie on Vimeo...
Verde Hermoso en español.
Esta película fue prohibida por la Unión Europea (UE) en 1996.
Green Beautiful in spanish.
This film was BANNED by the E.U. European Union in 1996.

And found it in French with English subtitles on Vimeo....

La Belle Verte (The Green Beautiful) from Arman Zahedi on Vimeo.

Video Information

The film banned in Russia and France. Carved in most editions of the film scene with a quiz included in this DVD in low quality. French film about a different world view.

Everyone who wants to finally wake up from sleep and reality begin to see the actual colors of the world and perhaps even expand their understanding of the limits, I propose to see this French movie. The movie was filmed in 1996 and banned in France. Director - Colin Serreau. Russia also banned the film show on television. But to understand why it is so easy. At first glance, La Belle Verte "harmless as a children's story. Nothing shocking, nothing provocative ... From this perspective, the film stands out from the incredible total weight of modern films. In the "La Belle Verte" you will not find anything like that.
If you look at him not as a comedy, you'll become clear why he was banned ..
It's only part of the film.

"oh yeah & they'll need to climb trees to eat those fruits

love it

I'm beaming with hopes thinking about it"  ~Lili Leong 

Like the film above... First class in the morning could be within an hour at or right after sunrise and start out with sun gazing while eating the delicious breakfast bounty of the land.  And for those whom choose to homeschool, familes can do the same.  They could bring the tutors in to teach the bodywork stuff, etc....

High frequency music will be played during the recesses and lunch time.

Other music will still be available, but cleaned up, and free of subliminals and embeds, etc...

There will still be fun things to do, to keep from being bored. Trampoline jumping, and other fun stuff that kids do.

Competitive contact sports would be eliminated, but only weight lifting and Zumba and other fun stuff with no competition BS.  Competition will be a thing of the past, because it will be all about cooperation instead.  Other exercise machines would be Whole Body Vibration machines, Chi machines and the like.

Things like swimming will be taught, because everyone needs to learn to swim. Only for fun, exercise and life saving.   Just to learn it to be able to swim and stay alive in water.  But no competition. 


"I would like to see a moral code taught concerning our lives here. I would like to see our children graduate one day /w honors and metals once again". ~David Kaas

Yes, let's reward and honor them for stuff that matters.  If we encourage and honor our children, they will grow up and be productive adults and good parents for their children and grandchildren to come.  Let's pass that blessing on, shall we?  And let the gold and silver metals be real gold and silver.

No homecoming queens or any of that ego based BS.  Forget all the egotistic homecoming queen bull shit and other titles. Past time for this ego centered alpha bitch stuff to stop.  Teach and to learn.  Not to feed egos. 

No more of this my dog is better than your dog stuff.  Remember that mind controlling commercial by Ken-L Ration from the 60's?
Then perhaps all this jealously and strife will stop too, in the process.

Cooperation as opposed to Competition. Get it?

I bet bullying will stop too, when mind control and competition end.  All will know cooperation. 

So with that said... No bullying allowed, as that shit, too, will be a thing of the past.  But with no vaccines, causing violence. and people being allowed have a good diet with sulfur, good water, NCR, AtlasPro, Quantum Neurology, ABC  etc... given, people will start to feel good about themselves and it won't even be a thought.  Good moral code indeed!  And most of all.  LOVE! LOVE!  LOVE!  Did I say LOVE?  Yes please!

And with all of these available, everyone will also look and feel good equally. Because all will have symmetry, higher function, structural integrity, and good nutrition for health.  .

Learning will start to be fun and everyone will want to learn.

School nurses and doctors will be Quantum Neurology, Massage Therapists, Acupuncture, AtlasPro, Rolfers, ABC and NCR practitiioners and more.  NOT vaccine and drug pushers for the CORPORATIONS..

Did you fall and mess up something little Suzy?

Why yes, I did, will you please adjust this and put back in place and doctor up the boo boos with non toxic cleaning solutions?

All students will get a weekly checkup via ABC, NCR, AtlasPro, addition to learning it too.

All those regeneration machines, zappers, iMRS 2000 and PAP-IMI (PEMF machines), essential oils, and other will be available and possible projects to learn and build in high school shop classes,  Like that Zanier machine mentioned.  This kind of tech was in two movies.  Elysium and The Host.  The one in Elysium looked sort of like a capsule tanning bed, which wiped out all diseases, toxicities, etc... in a matter of minutes.   The tech in the movie The Host was a spray on regenerative medicine.   These would be the new adult toys of the future as opposed to mind controlling SmartPhones, which seem to have addictive mind controlling tech in them..

Regarding toys... Children will be running with tuning forks and mallots, as opposed to running with scissors.

Student art projects will be also learning to make orgone devices to gift wherever and take home, etc... to keep the environments pleasant.

Stupid redundant classes like social studies and history would be eliminated.  History taught now is a lie anyway, and social studies are just more mind control.  Eliminate the bullshit and have less days and hours at school.  Parents would already know this, and most can be taught at home anyway.  The specialty stuff would be taught in school, and taught for those who are homeschooled.

Textbooks will be like the Hulda Clark books, David Wolfe, David Kaas, and other health books written by all these wonderful authors.

The basics of reading, writing, spelling and math would remain.  We do need those.  Little ones can learn via the Hooked on Phonics and be fun as toys and at home.  No more forcing little 4 or 5 year old tots into public school.  The wee ones can start at home and be with their family for the learning basics.  They would start at a community school at much older age, or just stay at home and let qualified tutors and specialized teachers come to them.  Community teaching and cooperation.

Skylights in buildings would be feasible instead of using electricity.  And windows so people can get the full spectrum sunlight needed.  My elementary school had huge windows.  Natural Vitamin D anyone?

The schools will be solar powered, and water will come from wells, and water filters such as the Kangan water unit, high quality distillers ala John Ellis, to ensure all will get the high quality south spun electrons in their bodies.  Everyone will still be taught to do it with their hands as per David Kaas' book Farm Physics: A New Cure and More.

Which is also a cancer preventative.  Ahem!

And we WILL STOP throwing our beloved furbabies into animal shelters and killing them. The time is past for this kind of abuse.  No vaccines for them either.  The organic sulfur, silica, Platinum Plus Amino Acids, minerals, and serrapeptase will work for them too.

heaven on earth ~Lili Leong 

Yes, Heaven on Earth.

Really, that's all that most people desire.

And the lizards and the powers that be will be a thing of the past.

Break off the chains that bind us, live free and just be.

Yes!  What kind of world do you want?

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