Candida Summit

Candida Summit

Saturday, October 10, 2015

[BILLION TODDLER MARCH FOR SURVIVAL] October Flyer Ready for Distribution

BILLION TODDLER MARCH FOR SURVIVAL: October Flyer Ready for Distribution:

Print this text on the back of the flyer beneath (or create your own text) and distribute to Shopkeepers to place in their windows during October, Vaccine Injury Awareness Month.  Flyer fits on 8 1/2 x 11 and text fits in 10 pt. type:


A black ribbon is the symbol for “INTERNATIONAL VACCINE INJURY AWARENESS”, observed in the month of October.  Currently, children who attend school are expected to receive 49 doses of vaccines through age 5 (PLUS an annual flu shot in NYC where vaccine exemptions are difficult to attain, see for all areas in the USA) and a total of 69 doses through age 18.  People who accept vaccines currently, would instead call for a BAN if they knew these unheralded facts:

~ CDC’s own list of common COMPONENTS* in vaccines:  Aluminum, Antibiotics, Formaldehyde, Mercury and MSG.  There’s much more, see

~ Manufacturers of Vaccines and the Healthcare Workers who administer them are protected from LIABILITY* for adverse events that result from vaccination, leaving those who purchase the product to pick up the expense of the diseases or death incurred as a result either directly, or indirectly through the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Board.  People who purchase vaccines pay into this fund although they are not informed that this program exists.  Most vaccine victims are not compensated by NVICB due to rigid guidelines to receive payments and because healthcare professionals often do not report the injury or death as affiliated with vaccination to VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System) at all or until it is too late for the victim to file a claim.  Since liability was removed, the vaccine schedule has increased dramatically!
~ What are common adverse reactions (diseases, damage, death created by vaccines)?
Allergies; Asthma; Attention Deficit Disorder; Autism; Auto-immune Diseases; Blindness, Brain Cell Loss; Cancer; Central Nervous System Damage; Deafness; Developmental Damage; DEATH; Diabetes; Ear Infection; Epilepsy; Learning Disabilities; Leukemia; Multiple Sclerosis; Neurological Disease; Organ Disease; Psoriasis; Seizures; Shaken Baby Syndrome; Synergistic Toxicity; SIDS; Total Paralysis; All Diseases in Internal Medicine.

~ Why are we not apprised of these typical adverse reactions when receiving vaccinations considering pharmaceutical drugs must be administered by informed consent?  Here’s one view:  the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) classifies vaccines as a “Health Program”.  The gold standard of testing that pharmaceutical drugs must undergo does not apply to vaccines due to this CLASSIFICATION*.  Thusly, advertisements come in the form of Public Service Announcements and the harmful side affects of vaccines are never stated as they are with other medications when being promoted.  Another view is that no one would accept vaccines if they knew what was in them and what the real side effects were.

~ Why doesn’t the MEDIA* report vaccines cause death?  In France, the media does report vaccine deaths and the rate of rejection by parents for their children’s vaccinations is at 40%, but in America where the media doesn’t report vaccine induced deaths, our children have only a 2% rate of exemptions from vaccination.  “Vive la France” takes on a whole new meaning!

~ The U. S. Mainstream Media has also failed to report that a Whistleblower, William W. Thompson, Scientist with the CDC has come forward to report that the MMR (measles, mumps and rubella vaccine) CAUSES AUTISM!  This cover-up has cost 1 in 50 children an independent future, the greatest percentage being among black boys.  Representative Bill Posey has asked for his fellow U. S. Congressmen to read the documents and we request that you contact your Reps to ask them to do this too.  Contact The Congressional Oversight Committee Chairman to SUBPEONA THOMPSON*.

~ What can we do to stop vaccines from damaging our children?  Always say “No” to vaccination.  If you are unable to get a vaccine exemption for your child to attend school, then make whatever concessions you must to homeschool.  Avoid conflict for rejecting vaccination by staying away from people who may vaccinate and institutions that may require vaccination.  Join “AWAKE New York” on FB for legislation and actions relevant to NY and for the History of Vaccines; for vaccine damage sustained; and for typical examples of vaccine damage and industry sources & for events.
*Critical Issues to reduce damage/death: components, liability, classification, media, whistleblower

Sallie O. Elkordy for Mayor, Vaccine Free NYC
Standing at the bus stop educating the ill-informed. Do this twice a week. It's easy and your audience is captive and sometimes fervently interested. Be sure to print out information on the backs of the flyers for those who grab them and run. Also try to get them in as many storefronts as possible. We have claimed OCTOBER, so capitalize on it! Meet all the producers at your local public access TV station or start your own show once a week for FREE! If you really want to make a difference, DO THIS!

FRONT of proposed flyer...

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