Candida Summit

Candida Summit

Thursday, October 8, 2015

When some idtiot/s say that vaccines don`t cause Autism.

Show them a vaccine package insert, where the vaccine maker already declares legally that their vaccine causes Autism. The same vaccine insert also declares that this vaccine has already killed infants, as well as caused Autism.

Well blow me down...

The truth can set you free.......but only if you want to be free. If you want to remain a dumbed down sheeple slave, the lies will do just fine.

Right click out into a new tab in order to see full sized graphic.

Package Inserts:

But don't just stop there!  Check out the INGREDIENTS in vaccines.  See a witches' brew yet?

Be sure to check the PDFs of the CDC (CORPORATION) Pink Book, as in the excipients summary.

Only two ingredients I don't see listed are SV-40 and Nagalase.

“Everyday millions of children are lined up and injected with toxic putrid substances grown on animal organs, cancer cells, aborted fetuses and other toxic substances. Few people are questioning how those viruses were obtained and how they were grown in a laboratory. If one would ask these sensible questions, one would become very enlightened about vaccine production. I warn you now, discussing vaccine-production will turn your stomach. Vaccines are made from the most vilest and filthiest substances on the earth. Since the definition of abomination is "anything that is filthy", the term describes vaccinations adequately and truthfully. The vaccine "cauldron" is full of putrid junk from bodies exposed to disease and excreting morbid purulence. Science gathers this junk up in hopes of making vaccines for "preventing" disease; and we are being fooled while vaccinations cause increases in diseases.”  ~Michael of the former website of

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