Candida Summit

Candida Summit

Monday, November 23, 2015

Four Dead, 1 Million Lose Power in Destructive Northwest Windstorm

This really sucked too!  It was more than just Seattle and Spokane.  It affected all of Northern Idaho and some of Western Montana.

5 days without power and freezing teens and 20's too.

Every year, there are these weird freak winds which knock out power.  This past summer we had to deal with a whole day, but it was mild compared to this suckfest.

Two days of roughing it out in the house freezing, but downtown got the power on quickly.  Got some ice to keep refrigerator stuff from going bad, since earlier the same day had just gotten a bunch of groceries.

Was semi-prepared because of keeping a 50 gallon garbage can of bleach and soapy water in the back of the tub for flushing toilets.   THAT is always a good thing to keep on hand.  Might be unsightly or less room in a shower, but it's way better than not having a way to keep the toilets running and flushed.

Several plastic apple juice bottles were full of water with a few drops of concentrated Miracle II Soap, along with old plastic gallon water jugs with the same for washing off.

Muffin pans with tea lite candles were burned for a good burst of concentrated heat, since there is no fireplace or wood stove in the rental.  Never fall asleep with candles burning.

Had several glass quart apple juice jars filled with drinking water.  Thank God for well water too!  It's a good idea to perhaps put a few drops of food grade peroxide or Cellfood oxygen drops.

May have to go into debt and order those back up solar panel power generators.  Landlord needs to think seriously about putting some sort of wind turbine and/or solar powered thing for the well, so the tenants can have running water.  Landlords need to be more responsible for things like that. Not saying that the current landlord is a bad one, just something that he needs to consider.

2 days was all that could be tolerated because it was just too damn cold.  Had the 5-day outage been in the summertime, could have stayed in.  So two days of roughing it and then it was like FUCK THIS SHIT!  Checked into a local hotel at the end of Day 2.

Was able to make hot chocolate and warm water for the organic sulfur, and tea due to special candle holders and such to set the mugs over to warm the water.  One was a kitty cat candle holder.  ;)

So things needed AT LEAST.

1,  Keep a 50 gallon garbage can full of bleached soapy water in the tub and/or shower stall.  We just used liquid laundry soap with bleach to keep it from smelling stagnated.
2.  Keep plastic jugs and juice quart jars full of concentrated soapy water.  Miracle II Soap is great!
3.  Candles, candle holders, matches, lighters, etc...
4.  Flashlight batteries and flashlights.  There are now solar powered flashlights, that I've heard of.
5.  Canned and/or powdered food.  Several gallons and quarts of drinking water.
6.  Powdered supplements that can be mixed in water.  Tangy Tangerine by Youngevity, Organic Sulfur, Powerded l-arginine supplement (EPX Cardio), liquid iodine (Biotics Research Liquid Iodine Forte, Atomic/Nascent Iodine (Nascent and/or Thyrodine), and Cellfood drops, some of what was available at the time.
7.  Baby wipes are always good in an emergency.  If they dry out, then those bottles of water with drops of soap can moisten them back up.  Need to keep those hands, face and bottom clean.
8.  A full tank of gas, if have to leave.
9,  If can get ice locally, then put ice in huge pans in the fridge and freezer to keep from having spoilage.
10.  One or several back up generators.  Backup Generator Never Needs Gas (Ever) - Solutions From Science
11.  Infrared mini heaters are good and won't suck up too much power.
12.  Some kind of minor first aid.  Hydrogen Peroxide, iodine, bandaids, bandages, etc...
13.  Vitamin C, D3, etc... to keep from catching colds, due to exposure to cold, etc...
14.  Wood stove and/or fireplace.  If you have one, consider yourself very blessed.
15.  Vodka.  NOT for drinking but for disinfecting. Every now and then keep those hands disinfected with it.  Found out it's good for a toothache/gum infection to put some in mouth over the area for a few seconds and spit out.

This is not a comprehensive list, but a few of some things needed for short term.

If anyone thinks that this can't happen to them.  Think again!

Backup Generator Never Needs Gas (Ever) - Solutions From Science

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