Chronic Lyme Disease Summit 3

Friday, November 13, 2015


by Jim O'Kelly

All 49 vaccines injected in children by age 6 are given because of the belief that polio was wiped out by the Salk vaccine in the 1950s. All vaccines are sold on the false belief that disease is caused by germs and viruses. The science that has promoted these false beliefs is called "reported" science. Reported science is reported by the mainstream media. The problem is that the reporters are never told the real facts. And people don't investigate the source for the truth.
For example a certain scientist is credited transferring polio from a human to a monkey. No one looks up the experiment by the scientist who did the experiment. If they did they would find out the bizarre truth. With the mainstream report one assumes that the scientist somehow transferred a virus into the monkey . Here is the real science. The virologist took a child that died of polio and cut out the infected spine and ground it into a liquid. He then cut a hole in the monkey's head and injected the liquid material. And this caused the monkey to be paralyzed. Do you think that real science wouldn't make a difference in your beliefs? The virologist leaves this sick part out when he tells the media about the cause of polio or any other disease.
This discovery led me on a 4 year search for the real science by those who actually performed the sick experiments. I have done all the work for you to know the truth. I have put the real science into a complete course for you. 20 CDs and one book.
Since I discovered the suppressed truth I have never lost a debate on vaccines and health. My book proves that the Salk vaccine was a hoax. This is all the information you need to win every argument and help stop the vaccine racket. Here is a list of the CDs.
A 4 CD set that proves germs are not the cause of disease, and what the real cause of disease is.
A 3 CD set that I explain the history of the lie that a virus is living or the cause of disease.
A 2 CD set that I explain the selling of the living virus lie to the medical profession.
1 CD that I explain the role of the centrifuge machine and the electron microscope in the making of vaccines and what the virus really is.
1 CD that I explain the real definition of the word virus and who changed it.
1 CD with quotes from a recent book of science that confirms the lies are still being promoted.
1 CD that I explain the great Salk vaccine massacre of 1955 and the government cover-up.
A 3 CD set that I explain that historically proves that the small-pox vaccine caused cancer, syphilis and many other diseases.
1 CD that I explain the real cause of infant deaths in the 17 and 1800s.
1 CD that I explain the vaccinated versus the unvaccinated.
1 CD I read a case of a doctor claiming whiskey is a great cure. You will love this.
1 CD that I explain why we are not living longer, as the medical mafia claims.
CDs are 10.00 each. The book is 25.00. You can order one item or as many as you want. This is a total value of 245.00 with shipping costs. I wish I could give everyone this vital information, but I can't. But I can do the next best thing. I can give you the entire course, all 20 CDs and the book for just 135.00 which includes shipping in the US only. To order just 1 or a few CDs, there will be a small shipping charge.
Get them one at a time or the complete course. You will feel invincible, as I do with this knowledge.
With this complete course you will not lose another argument and you will have the information that will stop the vaccine insanity.
Please send payment to me at P.O. Box 43 Wheeler IN 46393.

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