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Candida Summit

Saturday, November 28, 2015

my mess/ms: Google doesn't want us to know the truth, as a con...

my mess/ms: Google doesn't want us to know the truth, as a con...: If it was allowed to be common knowledge that candida and a misaligned Atlas was the root cause of sickness, the drugs industry would collap...


Some of their other posts I don't agree with because of mainstream and pro-vaccine sources.

However, this one makes sense, because I know all too well the difficulties and results of a misalgined or luxated Atlas, and also the problems that candida can cause.

Atlas and Spine:

For Atlas in particular, AtlasProfilax, Neurologic Relief Centers Technique (NRC) aka Paul Whitcomb technique, Blair Upper Cervical, and NUCCA chiropractic.

For entire spine and body, Advanced BioStructural Correction (ABC), Starecta, TMJStack protocol by Brendan Stack, DDS, Neurocranial Restructuring (NCR)

Even with AtlasPro and some of the others, if an Atlas does not stay in, it may be due to the missing teeth, meningeal adhesions causing the meningeal compressions and pulling it out, cranial misalignments and assymentries, which NCR can help, or Starecta to deal with the problems of canted maxillas, sunken skull, missing teeth, incomplete extrusion of teeth.  TMJ and Atlas luxations seem to go hand in hand.

PRP stem cells from one's own blood marrow can help to regrow the cartilage in the joints, and in the TMJ itself.

Herbals to help TMJ, Fibromyagia and Arthritis, which is prevalent in spinal and stability problems.

TMJ Ease by Elijah Free
Fibro-Ease by Elijah Free
Arthritis-Ease by Elijah Free
* If one is taking Arthritis Ease and Fibro-Ease, the ingredients combined are all the same herbs, save one extra ingredient in the TMJ-Ease.

Sometimes you have to do some or all of these in order to stabilize the Atlas and head.  Sometimes a multi-pronged approach.  Whatever it takes to get it done.

It takes a lot of trying and using different modalites to finally set things aright.

Be aware that some of these modalities are not available in all areas.

Candida Help:

Kroeger Herb Candida Liver Care Vegetarian Capsules

Kroeger Herb Candida Formula No 2 Vegetarian Capsules

Organic Sulfur Crystals, sourced from the Cellular Matrix Study

Fungus-Ease by Elijah Free

EPX Body Immune
EPX Body Detox Tea

Oregano Essential Oil (Can put drops into empty capsules and take. Be sure to wipe off capsules, or it may burn.)

Pau d'Arco
Capryllic Acid

Colloidal Silver


Eating raw organic onions and garlic in salads, etc... is definitely good.

Our bodies are inferior and they suck.

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