Friday, November 27, 2015

Western Governments DO attack their own people! -Why?

Western Governments DO attack their own people! -Why?

► So they can instigate a 'State of Emergency' and manage their populations:
--Sanctions/restrictions/new laws.
--Removal of civil freedoms/liberties.
--State of fear resulting in public obedience, compliance and servitude.
--Justification for illegal wars in foreign countries.
---> False Flag
---> Strategy of Tension
---> PSYOP

► Step back, become informed and join millions of people around the globe who are waking up to reality RIGHT NOW.

► You will NEVER find the truth on 'TV' or via the 'mainstream media, so use online alternative media and question EVERYTHING

And they also kill the holistic doctors who would DARE help anyone get well.

Our government is a CORPORATION listed on Dun and Bradstreet.

Well, maybe I might forgive, but I am FAR from being a stupid sheeple.
I can't tolerate stupidity.

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