Candida Summit

Candida Summit

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Comprehensive List Of Companies That Use Aborted Fetal Cells As Flavor

Cannibalism is a big business. Not only is aborted fetus cells in our food as flavor enhancers, they are also in our vaccines.

You know, Mad Cow disease originated from famers grinding up the sick dead cows and feeding it back to the healthy cows. You can't inject cells from a aborted baby and not expect their to be consequences. Abortion is a big business. Planned parenthood was caught on film speaking of the "process" in which they deliver the baby and THEN dismantle it. This is what is supported and accepted when people support vaccines. It's a harsh truth, but one that needs to be beaten down the traveled path.

How do we know this isn't why we see such an increase in childhood aggression?

Input from my sister Melissa Matzke.

I totally DO NOT intend to be a know-it-all here....but there ARE studies about what happens when fetal tissue is injected via vaccine, no matter how small the filter, fragments of human DNA are still in vaccines. When injected, these fragments can and DO spontaneously integrate into our own DNA, "causing the genomic instability" seen in Autism Spectrum Disorders. Here ya go. THEY KNOW.

This study demonstrates that primitive short DNA fragments (50-300 bp) are spontaneously taken up by HFF-1, U937 and NCCIT cells and inserted into the genome of the monocytic leukemia cell line U937. Hence, vaccines containing residual HERVK and human fetal DNA fragments may contribute to the genomic instability observed in ASD.

Partial repost by Robin Aris! Love you sister

"Take a cell line like MRC-5 (which was derived from the aborted fetus of a mother who elected to terminate the pregnancy for psychiatric reasons) and introduce that into the ENTIRE POPULATION. Don't study this practice for mutagenic potential. The result: A GENETIC EPIDEMIC OF DE NOVO MUTATIONS.

How is autism being described again? Something about a genetic epidemic? Something about de novo mutations?"

~Heather Leeann

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