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Friday, December 4, 2015

New Treatment for Dystonia, Migraines, Tourettes, Parkinson's Symptoms &...

Published on 19 Jan 2015

After a 4.5 year long battle with Sydenham's Chorea and Paroxysmal Dystonia (Moving to Generalised Dystonia) I have finally found a treatment that has cured me of all my problems!

If you think you may be having pain problems, movement disorders, neurological problems, conscious seizures, dystonia, muscular problem, back problems that just won't go away, migraines, pain with Fibromyalgia, Parkinson's disease symptoms (some are getting up to 80% relief with this treatment even with DBS!)... this treatment COULD help you. If your problems are not on this list, do some research... Google TMJ and your main symptom/illness and see if you get results!

Years of research somehow led me to the connection between the TMJ (TemporoMandibular Joint) and my neurological and muscular symptoms. This research led me to some videos of Dr Stack in Vienna, near Washington DC, USA. Unfortunately I was stuck in Ibiza, Spain with no way of getting on a plane. (Here is some information on Dr Stack's work!

I stuck a chopstick in my mouth during a seizure and it stopped. And my headache of the last 4 years just went! I managed to convince my very lovely doctor and dentist in Ibiza to try this treatment. And it worked. I just want to share this information with as many people as I can to raise awareness of TMJ/TMD and its association with so many medical problems. Most doctors and specialists may not help you with this, even if you ask and have all the symptoms! This treatment is fairly new and is not yet considered an official 'cure' for a number of ailments that it is already curing in practice.

If you are suffering you can tell most the time yourself if its a TMJ/TMD problem. Firstly are you able to feel pain in your jaw joint (just under your ears)? When you open your mouth and move your jaw left to right, does it pop or click or hurt? Do you grind your teeth or clench? (I did not even know I was doing it!) If you don't it is possible you still have TMJ... so keep reading! Just because you bite is 'perfect' it may not mean your TMJ is correct. For example your teeth could be perfect if you have dentures/crowns/had braces... but your jaw could still be slightly out!

Here WERE my symptoms... ALL OF WHICH ARE NOW GONE in just a few seconds of wearing my new oral splint.

Secondary/Acquired Paroxysmal Dystonia moving to Generalised Dystonia, Dystonic Storms, Tremor, Teeth clenching, Migraines

Jaw pain, Temple pain left side, Neck Pain, Back Pain, Shoulder Pain, Low back pain, Headaches, Faint/Lightheaded, Concentration issues, Occasional stutter/slurring, Vertigo, Memory impairment, Hearing impairment right side, Balance problems, Chronic Fatigue

Visual disturbances, Light sensitivity, Sound sensitivity, Smell sensitivity and lack of smell, Ear ache intermittent, Dulling of hearing, Tinnitus (occasionally), Loss of taste (I was just adding lots of salt and didn't realise!), Toothache, Breathing difficulties, Sinus issues, Snoring

Difficult to wake up/drowsiness, Weak muscles - especially arms/legs/ unable to easily hold phone or brush hair, Sharp and Chronic hand/finger pain, Fine motor control issues -writing/eating/DIY, Slowed movement/ability to move, Biting back/sides of tongue all the time, Sensitive teeth (sometimes), Raynaud’s Syndrome (cold feet and hands), Knee pain, Hip pain, Upper arm and upper thigh (lymph) pain

If like me you have had enough of medications that make you feel terrible and pain, then its worth getting checked by someone that ACTUALLY understands this problem. Most specialists its seems do not check this properly. I hope that will change.

UK: The O Lab (multiple locations) / Dr Grossman, Harley St, London, / Dr Michael White BDS (Rand) M.Dent (Prosthodontics), Wimpole St, London, 0207 636 3596 & Lindfield, West Sussex, 01444 414994

SPAIN: Dr Antonio Muro Aceña, San Antonio, Ibiza, España, +34 971343921 (on a learning curve.. but treatment me perfectly!)

USA: (The Guru of TMJ!) Dr Brandon Stack & Dr Brown, Vienna, / Jason Pehling, Seattle, 206.363.8240 / Dr Demerjian, Burbank, / Anthony B. Sims, Columbia, (410) 872-0872 / The Gelb Center, New York, (212) 752-1662 & White Plains, NY, (914) 686-4528 / James W. May, DDS, PC, HOUSTON, TX, (713)665-6886 / Terrance J. Spahl, St. Paul, 651-774-9000 / Grant Bowbeer, DDS, MS, Ann Arbor, 734-662-2527, / Dr. G. Gary Demerjian, DDS, Burbank, CA,

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