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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Study for Newborn Babies Up to 13 Weeks Old

You have GOT to be fucking kidding me!

This is what evil looks like IN YOUR FACE.

In case you don't think this is real

"I can''s just....Wow! Feel free to hand over your newborn baby so they can experiment on it. You'll get up to $400 if you allow them to slam brand new fun toxins into your wee one. How is this ethical? What is sad is that there will be parents who actually do this and wonder why they can't sue when their child is injured or killed. I'm going to go and cry now"....The Awakening Liberty Show With Sean Caron

More in your face evil.  And those poor ignorant desperate parents who need the money will willingly sacrifice their child on the altar of "evil medicine", just to make a buck or two.

Sad sad sad.

Click out on photo in a new tab to see actual size.
Photo courtesy of Trevor Simons

Could the The Most High just strike these places and smite all the devil doers please?

I'll Do It! 

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