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Friday, December 18, 2015

Thoughts From Matthew

Worth bearing in mind also, is that this planet is wholly controlled by a reptilian species. SATANIC NEPHILIM. As described by David Icke and others.

Bankers, politicians, military brass, celebrities, royalty, scientists, et cetera may appear human, BUT ARE NOT.

Just look at the planet, and the thousands of years that have passed. Humans burnt at the stake, molten metals poured down ears and throats, buried alive, heads sawn off whilst still conscious, with the spinal cord still attached... unimaginable brutality and tortures... and people actually think that this is HUMAN behaviour? Hardly.

It's reptilian, with mass-scale demonic possession of humans.

Hell, even within the past hundred years, during WWII and other events, we saw helpless, pleading women being cut in half with chainsaws, fully alive and conscious.

Or the Rape of Nanking, where we saw grown men pass infants around for rape, and then feed them alive to Alsatians.

It gets even worse than that. You don't want to know.

Would you still think that Spirit is a joke and the world is just fine as it is, if you were expecting to meet with such a fate? Somehow I don't think so...

Still think that guns are bad and that you should hand them over to your government?

Still think that authority is great and that the 'powers-that-be' want what is best for you and your children?

You don't have A CLUE. Not a clue. None.

Let's all wake up, please.

~Matthew Carmichael

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Matthew Carmichael said...

Also, regarding WWII, some of the very worst atrocities were committed by the ALLIES, and their sponsors. A lot of the 'verboten' information regarding the true picture of the conflict comes from White Nationalist sources, but independent research will verify this stuff as fact. Stuff like this video.