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Candida Summit

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Am i being hit by frequency devices for writing about the doctor deaths?

<<<>>>ATTENTION!<<<>>> This is NOT a coincidence, her life is now in danger now!!
Erin at Health Nut News , the #1 Health site in the world has had death threats since she has been writing about all the holistic doctors that all have mysteriously died and been murdered or made to look like suicide because they had plans on exposing the truth about the toxins and poisons in vaccines.  Watch the YouTube Video below....

This woman needs ALL of our  prayers, so let's keep her in our prayers please.  Thanks!

Erin at Health Nut News
March 21 at 7:59pm
Look. I never cry wolf. But NOTICE; WIFI IS OFF IN THIS VIDEO as i had it off last night while i used it during the uber ride. i forgot to turn it back on frown emoticon but blue tooth was on (not anymore) Am i being hit by frequency devices because of dead doctor articles? PS blue tooth is off and it's happening again. 
I am doing stem cells for tear in my shoulder and was out this afternoon and phone worked fine. i come back home and it starts right up again. Thanks for watching. Erin at Health Nut News.....

Published on 21 Mar 2016
WTF is going on? This ONLY happens at home
i'm out for HOURS and nothing happens. zero.
only in my house or out in the yard.

it does it on the computer too. in the video my phone was turned OFF of wireless network. you can see that in the video frown emoticon
~Erin at Health Nut News

What Others Are Commenting and Saying...

Erin I bought this lil device at a Radio Shack that tells you immediately if your wifi is being hacked.
Then if it is you could switch to blue ray or wait til the device says you are clear.
It works anywhere and its super effective!
It's made by Bunker hill security and only costs a few bucks.
 ~ David Brooks

Another tip is install an EMF signal tracker on your phone or to purchase one from the store.
~Jesse Owen

Erin, I was hit like this on my phone too. This vid is a bit extreme but it would also have the phone calling people. Would even 3 way people while I was on the phone. Would mute conversations. Etc. I was hacked pretty hard core after going after anti vax wall of shame with a vengeance! 
~Monique Rini

I had my computer fried twice.If you own a Mac and an iPhone and you have a virus on your computer it will propagate to your phone. The only way to actually clean out everything is to wipe computer and reinstall the operating system. then have your phone hard reset by carrier but be sure to save out all information or you will lose everything. Don't bother just having your phone reset because the virus will eventually propagate to the phone again resulting in same issue
~Monique Rini 

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