Candida Summit

Candida Summit

Wednesday, April 6, 2016


Only a few hours left....


Today's Line up based on complexities of BUGS and BIOFILM:

Shayne Morris, PhD, MBA, CNS
Biofilm, Bugs and Phage (Bacteriophage)
3 ways Borrelia disguises itself
Why biofilm is the issue and not the bug
How a virus (not anti-biotics!) is the wave of the future

Jack Tips, PhD, CHom, CCN
The Gut Microbiome and Lyme Disease
Weed, reseed and feed way to restoring gut health
Herbs that are important in a pathogen purge
Unique Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO) perspective

B.J. Hardick, DC
Nutrition Plan Steps Critical in a Bio-Detox
Horizontal gene transfer in food and coinfections
Retox vs. Detox
Supplements to stay away from during detox

Raj Patel, MD
Mold and Lyme Disease
How to reverse hyper-reactivity response from mold
Cutting-edge MRI test for mold
Dr. Patel’s 5-step approach to Lyme and mold

Connie Bennett
Sugar and Lyme Disease
Discover what sugar does to the body
Sugar’s 16-hour suppression of the immune system
Surprising adult beverage that turns to sugar


Todays top 2 speakers hands down for me were Dr Patel and Dr Shayne Morris.

Dr Patel touched on mold illness and how to first confirm diagnosis of being exposed to mold by running CIRS testing, focusing on a high C4a then taking CSM (cholestyramine) for a few wks, seeing if the C4a goes down (as it should if it binds the biotoxins), then stopping the CSM while still living within the expected exposure and if the C4a rises once again, its confirmation of mold exposure. This can also be run concomitantly with a VCS (Visual Contrast Screening test).

Treatment involves leaving the exposure, treating with CSM, treating MarCoNS then using VIP to help heal the pituitary.

Dr Morris touched on biofilms - with a new concept (not quite 'new' as i had learned about this in Biotech class yrs ago) using phages (viruses) to destroy bacteria/biofilm. Each bacteria is thought to have a specific Phage that can destroy it. If you ingest this phage and you do not carry the bacteria, it is not pathogenic to other human cells.

Dr Sam Chachoua who cured Charlie Sheen of AIDS has been studying this for over 20 yrs and been kicked out of the US for his amazing results as they threaten big pharma. We need to get these minds to connect and speak! The point is not to fight the system but grow in consciousness so that the system can no longer over-power us as we become the ultimate collective consciousness and not allow for such trauma and human indecency to continue.

Thank you Dr Patel and Morris for today's talks!

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