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Saturday, April 30, 2016

I'm now a Producer on this Holistic Doctor Death Film

Published on 29 Apr 2016
When Brian Hammers (director in Los Angeles) approached me with this proof of concept short film- I clicked on his link - not expecting much. I didn't know him and I get many emails a day (continued....)

Then the film stopped me dead in my tracks. My jaw dropped and I shed a few tears. I learned that Brian's wife- Michelle Hammers- was basically playing the role of me. That was mind blowing.

I also learned some actors were afraid to be in the project because of the recent death and potential dangers. I wrote some of the family members of the deceased doctors and we decided this project would happen regardless, so might as well happen the right way. Brian is such a talented passionate director too - so I said yes, and I'd be a producer and help in any way I can to get the world out there. We've already had thousands donated here and know it will be done. Since mainstream ignores over 30 doctors who have gone dead and missing in a matter of months, film sometimes has the power to get the word out...!the-power-to-cure/g87ue

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