Candida Summit

Candida Summit

Saturday, April 16, 2016

The Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest - Episode 4

Edit:   They turned the video off a few hours after posting this.  Which is why I posted a signup link, to be able to get the series later on, after the dates posted.

Episode 4: “Excitotoxins that Fuel Cancer, Nature's Pharmacy and Healing
Cancer with Sound & Light” is playing now and I know I’m sounding like a broken record... but you’re going to LOVE this one. smile emoticon
AVOID: Glutamate, Sugar and Soy.
It will probably go private around 9 PM tonite or tomorrow, so go view it while you can.
Be sure to go ahead and register anyway, because you will be given a chance to get the DVD set.

Some Notes:

All of this I knew already except for the blood red oranges.  Have to find some of those!

Right on about the grains! Okay, about wheat and all these other damn "whole grains".... When a piece of whole grain bread spikes someone's blood glucose to 170, there's something seriously wrong. Hell, even a snickers bar barely puts some people over 150 at 1-hour and 2-hour postprandial. You won't see blood glucose go above 130 on raw/paleo/primal foods. I'm not diabetic, but I totally understand the research given and it's very clear that microvascular damage begins to occur at blood glucose levels >140. Not to mention the un-felt downstream effects of glycation (which, by the way increases as the blood glucose level increases). We're talking oxidized LDL particles, downregulated nitric oxide activity, increased vascular permeability, and increased prothrombotic properties of the vessel walls. That, folks, is a recipe for heart disease too. So, those who want to defend wheat and these other GMO whole grains, go right ahead, but there is NO Science to secure any arguments. Today's grains are FAR from the ancient Biblical grains that were good for us back then.  And don't even get me started on high fructose corn syrup (GMO) and mainstream dairy that is full of genetically engineered (GMO) bovine growth hormones, etc....

We all know to avoid the MSGs, Aspartame, Spenda, etc...  and anything from Monsanto. Monsatan is a company dedicated to poisoning the people of the world. Boycott all GMO foods and this company of scumbags.

They mentioned... AHEM!  CHLOROPHYLL!   Oh yes they did!  What a coincidence, because we have put it to the test and so did my daughter, just TODAY!

Regards chlorophyll, it's a life saver! No kidding about that. My daughter has been upset over her beautiful black cat, and she had quit eating. The vet said she was close to death. So when my daughter told me she tested for being anemic, I told her to go to the store and give the furbaby liquid chlorophyll by dropper ASAP. That was yesterday. Today, she posted that her cat was already feeling better, got in her lap, walked about the house and even ate a little. Her posts are private, so I downloaded the pics and copied the test and reposted on one of my blogs. Her testimony in today's earlier post: .

And the doctor who has the PAP-IMI or equivalent.

PAP-IMI, Near Infared Sauna, and other equipment
Dr. Antonio Jimenez, M.D.
Founder & Medical Director - Hope 4 Cancer Institute Tijuana, Mexico

My earlier post for Katerina mentioned the PAP-IMI as one of the treatments for teeth.

Earlier Reports on PAP-IMI from Panos Pappas site (web archives)

Miracle Teeth Cavity Elimination

The third report by Dr. P.T.P concerns rotten teeth regrowth and osteal teeth strengthening.

This finding explains why for the last 16 years I never saw a dentist. Although before using PAP IMI, I   was visiting the dentist once and twice a year. Since applying PAP IMI I don't need a dentist any more.

My initial motivation to develop PAP IMI relates to this unique phenomenon of my teeth strengthening. I was doing research on Lightning Protection (relevant patent holder) and on Atmospheric Electricity. It happened then, several times, while studying the Lightning literature regarding the medical beneficial effects of the lightning fall to bystanders. I noticed that these reports had gone unnoticed by the medical community and its literature. I was strongly impressed though by a repot about third generation regrowth of teeth to people standing by or near the place where the lightning had fallen.

This report initiated my research on the Electromagnetic beneficial effects of strong currents, that were running close, but not of course  through the body.

However, while developing PAP IMI, never had I expected that my research would lead me to simulate with the PAP IMI device the beneficial medical effects of lightning. And it was Mrs. Anderson report that leads me to believe and look for this type of effects.

Get in contact!

Get in touch!

We invite all investigators to get in touch with us. The sooner the better.

This is a unique world wide breakthrough report.

To see report by Mrs. Anderson, click here.

Teeth Re-Growth Report

PEMF PAP-IMI was banned from being sold to anyone in the US since 2005.  All these is why, among other things.

Looking forward to the Vaccines Episode 5.

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