Toxic Home Transformation Summit

Toxic Home Transformation Summit

Friday, April 1, 2016

Vaccine makers are PAYING people to blog about wonderful benefits and safety of vaccines!

So.... After the advent of the Vaxxed docmentary, people have signed petitions and this documentary has spread all over the internet.  Big pHARMa is desperate and has apparently hired a media organization to hire TROLLS to patrol blogs, social media, etc... to post pro-vaccine comments.

No. Really? The CDC paying "mommy bloggers" to write pro-vaccine propaganda? That's sarcasm. Of course they do that. They're one of the largest corrupted and criminal institutions in history.

Megan Media (SocialMoms) | CDC Vaccination Awareness Paid Blogging Opportunity

Here is a link that offers a little insight to what the SocialMoms network is:
Meet the SocialMoms Team

You can bet part of their training is to lie to the public.. Tell us how their children were harmed by antivaxxer's & almost died from measles. blah blah blah... Otherwords, be a souless sellout and fucking troll for Big pHARMa.

That Google Docs site was quickly made private, as now no one see the document.  Thankfully, someone screen shot the site.  I guess they got their trolls, err..... employees.

Here is the entire form screenshot from Google Docs.

They are already out in full force apparently, because just yesterday, when my husband posted about a 6 month old baby being killed by vaccines, a pro-vaccine troll commented.  Since it was really a comment directed to one of my comments on his blog post.  I ripped her a GOOD one. TWICE.

I had all the links, research, data and even scripture and I let her have it.  A naturopath joined in later and let her have it.  She was like all for the polio vaccine and saying how bad these diseases are, blah blah blah just like all brainwashed sheeple believe and say.  What was commented to her, is spread out all in this blog here, with actual proof of vaccines harm, links to package inserts, links to list of ingredients, scriptures, etc...   Let's say no one held back on putting her in her place.  Yep, she got ripped a new one.

You guys do realize what is happening right now, right? Have you ever seen this many trolls online, desperately trying to comment and debunk every piece written on the "Vaxxed: from cover-up to catastrophe" documentary? Cause it's happening right now and it's blowing my mind. I have never seen so many working so hard. Not even with SB277. Never like this. They are panicked! Desperately trying, but why try so hard if this movie wasn't already having some major influence? They know it's shifting. They know the sleepers are finally hearing past the snooze. I'm ready with open arms to welcome them to TRUTH!
Why are they trying so hard to hide the truth? Why don't they want people to see this movie? Well, how would you feel if you trustingly injected your child with 46 doses of chemicals that were shown in studies funded by the CDC to have an autism correlation? How would it make you feel to hear the lead scientist on that study tell you they knowingly omitted data to hide the link? Wouldn't you ponder what else they had covered up, fraudulently? How forgiving are people going to be? 
~ Heather Leeann

Who would literally go out of their way and stop their WHOLE ENTIRE LIFE to bash non vaxxers...?

I mean its literally PSYCHO!

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