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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Another Doctor, 25 y/o, Mysteriously Found Dead In Body Of Water- No Witnesses

I think this makes it 32, thus far.

It brings me no joy to break the news of yet another doctor found dead in a mysterious manner.

A fourth doctor, in so many months, has been found dead in a body of water. In all four of the water cases (out of over 30) they are unsolved and or mysterious- although all are pretty damn mysterious.

Dr Bradstreet’s case (the first in our series) has yet to be officially closed, and the family has hired at least one PI (I’ve interviewed them on this a few times.) Then Dr Marshall was found in a river and the authorities said the cause was drowning, but his wife (also a doctor) didn’t buy it and hired her own PI as well to investigate. There was also a famous holistic doctor from ABC news who allegedly hit her head and fell into the ocean in Hawaii.

And now this: last seen on February 12, Dr. Rose Polge apparently walked off her job in a stressed state, where she worked at Torbay Hospital in Devon, and was missing for almost two months. Police later recovered her body from the sea more than 50 miles away from where a hoodie (believed to belong to her) was found. There is now an inquest into her death after post-mortem results proved inconclusive...

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