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Sunday, June 12, 2016

Are You Eating This Substance That Lines Food Industry Pockets?

Cellulose... This damn crap that is rampant and put in all of our supplements too.  Mostly in those veggie caps, which is now WHY I buy in bulk and put in the old fashioned gelatin caps.

Supplement companies do it to cut corners, just like they do when they add all the fake B-12 cyanocobalamin, instead of doing the right thing and using the pre-methylated form of METHYLCOBALAMIN.

If you have supplements in callulose capsules, empty them out into GELATIN capsules and then switch to a company that never uses cellulose.

Remember this post where I was bitching about the Platinum Plus Amino Acids being ruined by this shit.

It's also why some supplements never seem to work.

Cellulose (a.k.a. Wood Pulp) 101

* Cellulose can be called by these different names on the ingredients label: Carboxymethyl cellulose, Microcrystalline Cellulose, or MCC, and Cellulose Gum.
* Cellulose is much cheaper to obtain from wood, than real food ingredients and is manipulated in a laboratory to form different structures (liquid, powder, etc) depending upon the food product it is used in.
* The most economical choice for cellulose comes from wood by-products, however cellulose can also come from vegetables, but will be listed on the label as such.
* The cellulose wood pulp industry is at it’s all time high (up 8% from 2009-2011).
Humans cannot digest cellulose. It has no caloric value. The food industry tricks consumers who eat foods with a high cellulose content to feel full physically and psychologically without having consumed many calories.
* According to the FDA: “In humans, virtually 100 percent of orally ingested cellulose can be recovered in the feces within four days, indicating that absorption does not occur.” This substance just passes through your body, while lining food industry pockets. Nice!
* The FDA sets no limit on cellulose content in processed food, however sets a limit for meat products at 3.5%.
* Cellulose can by used as a supplement to bulk up foods with fake fiber. Next time you see “added fiber” on the label, take a look at the ingredients, it usually contains cellulose.
* The gelling action of cellulose when combined with water creates an emulsion, suspending ingredients, making processed food products creamier and thicker than they would be otherwise.
* Cellulose can absorb water and is used as an “anti-caking” agent in shredded and grated cheeses, spice mixes, and powdered drink mixes.

Never let the food industry trick you with this cheap and harmful substance. Next time you see your family or friends eating the popular products discussed in this video – ask them:

“Do You Eat Wood?”
Remember to always check the ingredients list before buying anything at the grocery store – even organic products for cellulose and other emulsifiers like Polysorbate 80. Shred your own cheese, buy 100% maple syrup and forget fast food. 

Remember... They have to get this shit into us to use as building blocks for the nano-tech, biofilm, and Morgellon's conditions.

Start boycotting any and all companies that use this.

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