Candida Summit

Candida Summit

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Alert: Radiation Pummeling America

Note:  He shows the ball Earth, so apparently he has yet to find out and/or research flat earth. But the ongoing cloud cover is going on and the radiation is pummeling all of us for sure.

Maine Sea Weed Flakes .  Would also add any other kelp or dulse product.
Immusist and Citricare:
Atomic Iodine would most definitely help too.
Cellfood has been known to help with detoxification of radiation according to various sources.

In Addition Sulfur Crystals,
Patrick McGean
Cellular Matrix Study
801-290-2013 (U.S.)
Related products available in the NaturoDoc Store:  SuperSulfur
And LOTS of orgone in your vicinity and area.  Orgone made with Shugnite (absorbs radiation) would be good, I think.  We have ALOT of orgone here, and we still could use more.

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