Toxic Home Transformation Summit

Toxic Home Transformation Summit

Monday, July 18, 2016

Soul Of Healing Summit: DAY 8 - ENCORE DAY

DAY 8 (July 18, after 10am US eastern)
It’s Encore Day at The Soul of Healing Summit! Missed some of the life-changing expert talks this past week? They’re all unlocked for free today! Learn how to harness the power of your mind, emotions and spirit to create radical self-healing!

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Commentary and Thoughts:

Hope those you that registered and/or signed up as affiliates enjoyed the talks.

On one of the speaker's talks, he talks about how it begins with us, ourselves. Sure, the word sucks right now, and there's a lot of evil, death and destruction, for sure, but we look in the mirror first, find out how and what we can do to better ourselves, we begin with ourselves first. It sets the example for others to do the same. Like, right action, for example.

So, if laughter is contagious, if a virus, bacteria, etc... is contagious, then so are our actions.

Another speaker said something to the effect of loving ourselves.  Some people love themselves (their soul), but maybe hate their body.  The body is a hard thing to work with, I can attest to that, with all my lifelong difficulties, so one must start with the little things, the smallest of things and work the way up.  What can I do to fix this?  What can I do to fix that?  What options are available for this and that?, etc...  Speaker said go to that difficult area, and say that you love it.  I actually had to think of another whom I love the most and get that vibe and then say it, while concentrating that vibe to the area.  Anyone.  Your child, your spouse/partner, your pet, etc.... Had a whole day of no pain in the back of the head.  So it worked for a whole day.  Will have to practice that one.  ALOT.

This summit was a little more difficult and different than the others, because it goes beyond the physical.   Have always dealt with the physical, because of researching this for that, etc...

And it's real difficult to listen to 4 to 5 people daily, and kind of like cramming for a test.  It's like being in school actually.  And that's why I put the PDF transcripts, because at least it gives those to go back to and read later.  It's easier for me to read something in order to retain it, rather than "hear" it to retain it.  I'm more of a visual learning than I am of a hearing learning, if that makes any sense.  It may be the other way around for others.



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