Candida Summit

Candida Summit

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Truth in Media: How Big Pharma Rakes In Profits From Deadly Drugs

Big pHARMa and the revolving door with government, Wall Street and the revolving door with government, Big agro and the revolving door with government, the military industrial complex and the revolving door with goes on and on. it is what is it. and what it is is Fascism.

Remember that pHARMaceutical companies are all CORPORATIONS, for profit only.

5 Signs Someone Is Under Deep Mind Control

1) They believe poisonous medications will make them healthier.

2) They can't see that their doctor doesn't make any of their patients healthier with the poisoning, burning and cutting.

3) They can't see that a doctor's wage is tied directly to how sick someone is and not how healthy they are.

4) They can't understand that a diseased, dysfunctional, depressed, dis-satisfied and dis-empowered population is easier to rule, steal from and manipulate plus they can't understand that poisoning the population via a corrupt structure of medicine is how this is being accomplished.

5) They can't see that they only get more sick, as they take the toxic medications, even though it's happening to them personally. They blame themselves, a fake disease name or their genetics instead of considering that the poison being given to them, by their doctor, may be connected in some way to their perpetual sickness.

~Suzanne Fuhri

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