Candida Summit

Candida Summit

Monday, July 11, 2016

White House Vs Planet Earth - Shooting Has Begun

And the idiots in the comments getting all butthurt and bent out of shape because he recommends products to help them prepare for God knows what.

WTF?   People need to get the hell over themselves already & quit being assholes.  Think about this....

Would you rather he be working at a McDonald's selling shit GMO'd fake processed food that kills people in the long run?  Or be a pro-vaccine needle wielding pediatrician pedophile who kill innocent people with their vaccines all the live long day?  Or a bartender/waitress/convenience store clerk who sell beer, wine and liquor to cause a fellow human to stumble because they went out and killed someone while under the influence?

We all have to pay to live on Earth, no matter how the money is made.  NOTHING is free. At least he is selling something that isn't harming anyone.

With that said, I think I'll go sign up as an affiliate under him in some other programs to help support him and further spread the truth.  Because I LOVE his YouTube channel, as I do many others. Already signed up for the Kelly Kettle he talks about so much.

He would never be able put up videos and whatnot if he was stuck in a dead end job that helps NOBODY except the CORPORATE cretins that run them.  Advertising is simply word of mouth. People advertise every day without realizing it.  Like a brand new outfit that someone else loves and ask the person where they got it, etc...  What the hell is that?  That gives a potential business to sell the same outfit to someone else, so people need to just suck it up and get the hell over it already.

My blog here and posts elsewhere are monetized.  And without Google adshit, I might add. We love staying at home, staying out of other peoples' way and being home with loved ones.  It isn't a crime, you know.

Good grief!  People getting all upset over trivial things.  Really people?

Because God forbid should we help our fellow brother and sister, while they are trying to help us.


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