Candida Summit

Candida Summit

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

The Daily Messenger: Russia is blocked from accessing this blog

The Daily Messenger: Russia is blocked from accessing this blog: This blog went from 1,000 Russian visitors a day to NONE all at once. Not one ever since the witches sabbat last. What is being said here that has the US intelligence agencies so very worried about them seeing the truth of things, from a US perspective?...


Wonder if it would help if they used the .ru instead of the .com ?  You know, a different Internet country code.  .ru being for Russia.

Like this...

I've viewed mine with .ca , , .ru , and many other of the various Internet country codes.

I found out that our Blogger blogs had the various internet country codes from raw clicks stats via the various back office dashboards. Some of the various affiliate programs show url stats where the clicks are coming from. Had no idea our Blogger blogs came with other internet country codes, until I started checking affiliate clicks statuses. Unsure how all that works, or how our blogs were made with the different internet country codes, but hopefully it would help if blog site was viewed with that country's code.

Here's a click on one of our things showing this blog with a different internet country code.
This click shows Internet country code .ca for Canada.

Internet Country codes for various countries:

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