Candida Summit

Candida Summit

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

[Vaccination-Liberation] Organized effort to eliminate non-medical vax exemptions

To all my friends in this movement,

Jennifer Stella in Vermont who has spearheaded the efforts in Vermont to retain non-medical exemptions to vaccine mandates sent me the following article from The Idaho Statesman, our state's largest newspaper published in our capitol city of Boise. See
Idaho lawmakers this week will take up faith-healing exemptions in state child protection laws that exonerate caregivers who decline medical treatment for sick children in favor of prayer. At issue is whether First Amendment religious freedom is a proper legal defense to withholding treatment, even if a child dies.
This has been an ongoing issue here with Paul Offit even spending 3 weeks with various agencies and on the news selling his lies in April of this year. I then emailed Jennifer that I was quite aware of this issue  -- see
Please sign our petition to urge Idaho lawmakers to protect children from faith-based medical neglect. At the beginning of the 2017 session, we will print a copy of ...
One of the poster children, now a young adult, is Mariah Walton and her story as portrayed is not accurate to the chagrin of her mother and older sister. As a result of their wanting to set the record straight, a member of Health Freedom Idaho put up another website  --  with an "s" after idaho. It is not showing up right now although it was active July 31. Not even at  Must ask Chelsi about this -- she is the team captain for a showing of Vaxxed in her area tonight so it will have to wait. While it shows up below, you will still get an error page.

Anyway, we are in a war for the 'healthy' lives of our children. Jennifer followed up with me by sending this link so pay attention all you in other states:
Children depend on our protection. It's time to put them first. When it comes to health and safety, we should always put kids first. Unfortunately, in 47 states and ...

In May 2016, Protect Idaho Kids launched a television media campaign entitled “Let Them Live”. This media campaign's poster child's story was manipulated to serve ...
My suggestion is that people need to start getting savvy about using a Vaccination Notice for daycare and schools, or better yet, take your children OUT of school.

In the meantime, we need researchers to compile the stats in each state for deaths of children birth to 16 years of age. Most of these deaths are due to iatrogeny -- deaths due to medical interventions at the hands of a doctor. Parents need to force the liability issue and be very careful signing anything regarding their children. I was told a year ago after seeing a school form that gave medical POA to the school and its employees that this is becoming more common. With parents signing these kinds of forms, it negates any kind of exemption that may be on file.

Wanted to give everyone a heads up here. The path of least resistance may come to an end and then what will you do?

In the Spirit of Truth,

Ingri Cassel, director
Vaccination Liberation
P.O. Box 457
Spirit Lake, Idaho 83869
(208) 255-2307

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