Chronic Lyme Disease Summit 3

Friday, August 19, 2016

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Millions are regaining control of their health with essential oils!

People all over the world are scrambling to find the answer to health problems like diabetes, pain, chronic fatigue, anxiety, estrogenic cancers and more. Millions are turning to natural solutions and many have experienced great success with essential oils. Learn if oils could be the missing ingredient for you and your family!


More than 165,000 people joined us for the 2015 Essential Oils Revolution. This year, experts in aromatherapy, medicine and research will deliver in-depth discussion, debunk common myths and help you learn about the possibility of regaining your health using essential oils.

36 tips, strategies and secrets for using essential oils safely and effectively–because millions of people are regaining control of their health with essential oils! Don’t miss The Essential Oils Revolution 2 from August 22-29, 2016, free and online!

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The Essential Oils Revolution 2 will teach you about:

* Why essential oils are truly nature’s best medicine
* How to use essential oils safely and effectively
* Tips for regaining control of your health
* Home recipes, guides, safety protocols and best practices
* And so much more!


Okay, I'm going to give out a FREE goodie (old summit talk) since it's already public on YouTube.

This is an older summit talk with Eric Z and Josh Axe, DC, on YouTube, from the FIRST Essential Oils Revolution summit.  This will give you all an idea of how the summits are conducted and the type of information that is talked about, etc...

Published on 29 Feb 2016
In this interview, Dr. Josh Axe discusses:
1) Discover how gut issues can cause thyroid and adrenal disease 
2) Recognize the warning signs and symptoms of leaky gut 
3) Choose the right essential oils to support gut, thyroid and adrenal health

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With 31 presentations containing relevant evidence and practical advice from our experts, The Essential Oils Revolution will teach you to use essential oils effectively and confidently.

People all across the world are scrambling to find natural solutions to their health problems. Of all the “alternative” options, essential oils are currently the hottest trend toward regaining control of your health!

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Dr. Eric L. Zielinski (“Dr. Z”) is a sought-after public health researcher, Biblical health educator, author and motivational speaker. Inspired by the timeless principles in the Bible, Dr. Z’s mission is to provide people with simple, evidenced-based tools that they need to experience the Abundant Life. He lives in Atlanta with his wife and children. Find out more at

Essential Oils for Gut, Thyroid and Adrenals

Note:  The above video description is from the first EOR summit, but the links are still good to sign up for.  Affiliate signup link from old summit:

The Essential Oils Revolution 2 is online and free from August 22-29, 2016!

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