Candida Summit

Candida Summit

Monday, August 1, 2016

What Happens After a Tooth Extraction by Dental Arts Studio

Yeah, this is pretty much my problem, since I was raised by ignorant people who took me to dentists who molested my mouth and ruined my oral microbiome as well.  Imagine how good looking and productive I could have been, had they never done this to me. I never stood a chance with these people that were in charge of my young life. I could have been SO MUCH MORE.

People have no idea how much this ruins the entire structure of the body. It's been such a struggle having to be in a body like this most of my life.

And it causes this too, which crushes the upper cervical, thus causing constant C1-C2 instability...

It's all connected.  It's PAST time for all this ignorance to stop.

There are others too..  Our entire various groups of NCR, Starecta, Break The Matrix, Physical Restructuring, have the same kind of stories too.  Plato, Kevin, Linda, Jeffrey, Rachel, Katerina, Lili, etc... are all dealing with the same similar problems.  I felt so bad for that gorgeous young kid from India, who wanted to get into modeling there, but has a slight asymmetrical face, felt that he was cheated out of his career goal, because if it.  Telling me of the times he cried, the fights with his father, the money issues, the location and lack of providers in his area, etc..

They all suffer too. Where were our rights when we were all young?  Some had to deal with vaccination damage too.

I had to almost scream at a stupid ass dentist as he was about to do a filling for my own daughter, and I was like NO MERCURY!  My daughter had no idea and seemed okay with it until I explained, no way will you ever want heavy metal toxic neurotoxin in your body.  I said, put a WHITE composite filling in her mouth and I will pay the extra for the white, so he did, much to his dismay.  Recently I had to fuss at her for pulling a wisdom tooth, because of the consequences of cranial collapse.  She said it was going bad, so well, we can fix that now, and I bought her a huge bag of monosodium phosphate MSP to rebuild the teeth and enamel.  I was able to save an upper left molar that had a divot decay around the gumline, which filling in and the tooth started feeling more smooth again. I was able to show it to a friend as proof that the MSP works.

But we do what we can with the Advanced Biostructural Correction (ABC), Neurocranial Restructuring (NCR), Neurologic Relief Centers Technique (NRCT), AtlasProfilax, etc.. and good quality supplements, lest it be even worse.

However, humanity needs a MIRACLE and these idiot cunts in power that are teaching us wrong things, have got to go like YESTERDAY.

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