Chronic Lyme Disease Summit 3

Friday, October 21, 2016

Healthcare from Scratch with Chris Kresser LAc

This video was one of the Free Gifts upon registration originall.

Here is the PDF Transcript: 

Some of these online events are no longer live, in real time. However, most of the talks were only available for 24 hours and you’d have needed to watch in that window of time. Sometimes, they are replayed at a later date, and sometimes not.

What’s even better is that you can own them and watch them at your own convenience, or, in many cases, read the transcripts (if available). These can be added to your resource library. Many of the purchases include bonus materials, some worth hundreds of dollars. Sometimes the hosts of many of the summits put some of the  talks on YouTube several months later.

Updates to the summit pages tend to be lower priority- that is, not always up-to-date – but you can always look at the calendar, scroll to past months and use “register” links. After registering for an event you’ll often get redirected to a purchase page.  This particular summit seems to have been totally abandoned, as the original video/audio files are no longer on the server, save for the Free Gifts page.  All of the PDF transcripts are still available for each speaker, as those were saved on another server.

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This older summit is on a separate platfom outside of the current HTO Talks Online 2016 centralized platform.

When these show up public on YouTube, then we will give the goods and post them, and find corresponding PDF transcript, if they can be found.

Day 7:

Integrative Practice Hack-A-Thon:

If any stray files out there and can be found, then they could be added and posted here. No commentary on the older obsolete summits. Simply have no time, but can continue to the best of our ability to keep up with the more recent and newer upcoming summits.

Speaking of, The Thyroid Connection Summit will start on Monday.

And The Truth About Cancer Live Symposium will replay starting later on today from October 21-23.

The Truth About Cancer Live Event ULS Replay Weekend

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They stream from YouTube, so you can just go there, and not be bothered by the overlay or browser extensions.

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