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Saturday, October 8, 2016

Kissy's Kats [Ziggy Stardust] Ziggy vs Vacuum Cleaner

Meet Ziggy!

One of my daughter's newest cats.

"I've finally reached crazy cat lady status. Number 5 of the Pierce clan. Mr. Ziggy Stardust, our little odd eyed boy." ~ Kristen Pierce

"In love with this face" ~ Kristen Pierce

Ziggy Stardust

Ziggy Stardust. Odd eyed Kitteh.

Ziggy Tee Shirt by Tee Public.

Ziggy Videos:

"Ziggy is deaf


I noticed yesterday he wasn't responding to noises. Came home today from work and he was sleeping. I clapped my hands loud, yelled, snapped, made kissy noises....nothing. I decided to get out the vacuum...turned it on...nothing...he finally woke up once I bumped the box he was sleeping in. Still had the vacuum running. He comes out, stretches and everything. He didn't even hear the vacuum.

This is him sleeping in the box. We wakes up only when I bump it."

"So I'm pretty sure my new kitten is deaf, either that or he has no fear of a vacuum and chooses to ignore every sound I make. Poor thing"

Another one of her kittens adopted was blind in one eye, or so they thought.

This is Moxie...

Moxie is a female tortie shell calico. Obvious Cloudy Eye.
So I tell her to make sure the new additions (Moxie & Biscuit), at that time, to get the Liquid Chlorophyll & Sulfur crystals too.  Sulfur will help dissolve scar tissue, helps with rebuilding, as well, and the Copper in the Chlorophyll will also help with Collagen Production and is also rebuilding.

Moxie a few months later...

Moxie's eye is perfectly normal now!  YAY! Joy Juice!
EPX now has a sulfur crystal formula (Ultra Pure MSM), but we empty out the veg capsules (for OBVIOUS reasons, Ahem!). Break open the capsules (around 4 or 5) to equal a teaspoon of the sulfur. So we either get it at the old link, order from Ingri locally, or get from EPX Body.

So... if those simple things can fix Moxie's eyes, perhaps Ziggy's hearing can be improved or be eliminated totally.

This is what proper nutrition will do. Do not doubt unto us and Kissy's Kats!

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