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Monday, October 17, 2016

MessiahMews Blogs: 2Ground - How to test if your Anti-Nano Bucket is working ...

MessiahMews Blogs: 2Ground - How to test if your Anti-Nano Bucket is working...: From George Christoff of Published on 20 May 2016 How to test if your Anti-Nano Bucket is working. ...


Reposting this because the ready-made bucket for sale is at a different link now, since the store was updated.

2ground dotcom (   Today at 12:34 PM
To Messiah Mews

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Hi Donna and Robert.
Yes, we have them in stock and ready to ship but at a different link:
The link you provided is from a month or so ago before we updated the online store.
Thank you.

Also check out his Google+ page as well

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2ground dotcom said...

Thank you for posting the information here.
Please note that we have added a discount code for the Anti-Nano Bucket.
Simply enter "Mews" at checkout to receive 10% off.
This coupon is valid for 30 days.
Once again, the link is here:
We have sold many at an introductory price of $99.99 and just recently raised the price to $111.99.
It is a labor intensive product (close to 3 hours to assemble, test and package each one) and we believe the price is fair with a very small margin to cover our material costs and labor rates.
Most of our hand-made products are sold at a minimal profit and we have "how-to" videos to teach people to make their own and gain the benefits from grounding, shielding and anti-nano tech.
Thank you again from George at and make it a great day!