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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Betrayal Series Episode 1: Autoimmune Disease Revealed, The Shocking Truth About Conventional Medicine, Medication Misuse And Abuse And Is Functional Medicine The Answer?

Episode 1: Autoimmune Disease Revealed, The Shocking Truth About Conventional Medicine, Medication Misuse And Abuse And Is Functional Medicine The Answer?

Episode 1 Overview

  • What really is auto-immune disease? 
  • The true impact of auto-immune disease in US and other countries. What is functional medicine and how is it different from conventional medicine? 
  • The facts behind why medication is not the core solution. Inspirational personal case studies of patients being healed by the functional medicine protocols. 
  • Who is Dr. Tom O'Bryan and what's his purpose with the 'Betrayal' documentary series?

In this episode, you learn why our bodies have betrayed us.  It seems like autoimmune disease has caused us to get diseases like Multiple Sclerosis, Diabetes, IBS, brain disease, dementia, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.

In episode 1 we learn about ways to reverse these diseases and symptoms.  I used to think this was bull, to be honest with you.  However, it is clear that these diseases can be reversed.  Things like genetic disposition are only part of the reasons we are prone to diseases.

You also learn about patients who have reversed the health problems that most doctors want us to take a pill to fix.  Unfortunately, this is another way to get our money.  They create the problem and they want their pills to be the solution.  Now, assuming the pill does help you with your health problem, you are FORCED to stay on the pill for the rest of your life.

This episode also explains why losing weight has become practical impossible due to an imbalance of gut bacteria and why we get skin disorders.  We also learn why our memory is getting so bad.

The truth is we can’t go to our local doctor’s to get the solution.  Modern medicine doesn’t have the answers.  It LITERALLY can’t help us.

The truth is autoimmune disease is out of control.  What is amazing about this episode is you hear from real patients you may have the same health problems as you or your loved ones and found the solution in an all-natural way.

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Thoughts & Commentary:

What wasn't mentioned specifically were.. What exactly ARE the "foreign invaders". They were a bit vague on the list of stuff, so.. as always, it's up to me to give examples.

Here's a list...

Vaccines (FOREIGN RNA and DNA of unclean animals and insects, etc...)
Heavy Metals (from vaccines, dental amalgams, chemtrails, etc...)
Chemtrails (and nano tech aka nannites)
GMOs and glysophates
Fluoride and chlorine
Aspartame, Sweet N Low, Splenda and other artifical sweetners
FD & C artificial colors
Cellulose, maltodextrins, hypromellose, "natural flavors" and "flavors" or "flavorings" in foods, etc...
Polyethelene and Propylene glycol and other shit ingredients in personal products, makeup, and food.
And so much more...

Here is a good example list of things to avoid which are ALL FOREIGN to the body...

All of the above which is FOREIGN to the body, which the speakers never touched on specifically.

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