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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Betrayal Series Episode 3: Microbiome, How To Restore The Good Bacteria

Betrayal Series Episode 3: Microbiome, How To Restore The Good Bacteria

Episode 3 Overview
  • What is microbiome relation to healthy gut?
  • Autoimmune disease in Western countries vs third world countries. 
  • Microbiome regulates the immune system. 
  • How is microbiome affected at birth? 
  • Solution for healthy microbiome. 
  • Case studies of patients healed by healthy microbiome. 
  • Steps to check the status of your gut's microbiome. 
  • Food affect on microbiome.

In this episode, we learn about microbes in the need to find a cure for many of the deadly diseases we experience in modern society.  You will really learn a cool story of one woman who ate good foods, exercised and her life STIL fell apart.

She had bad bacteria in her gut, so it didn’t matter what she did.  She was weak, tired and quite literally couldn’t function.

In this same situation, most of us would simply go to the doctor and ask for the solution.  All the doctor would do is give you pills.  If those pills don’t work, you get a new set of pills.

I was once told our entire health and well-being lives inside of our gut.  So this episode is absolutely fascinating.  You’re going to love the interview with one female patient who speaks about her recent health issues.  I consider myself a health expert but even I was actually quite shocked by this!

Our bodies are like one big community.  When the community is out of balance, we can literally open up the flood gates to all kinds of diseases like cancer, diabetes, Crohn's and much more.

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Thoughts & Commentary:

I prefer using the Syntol AMD by Arthur Andrew Medical. It will need to be re-encapsulated into gelatin caps, as these capsules are cellulose capsules.

Also useful is Fungus-Ease by by Earth Friend Herb Co. from Life Enthusiast.

Oregano Essential Oil (Can put drops into empty capsules and take. Be sure to wipe off capsules, or it may burn.).  doTERRA also has a good pure oregano oil.

Episode 1 is still unlocked and open.

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