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Candida Summit

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Companies Ripping People Off, and Why We Do What We Do, Etc...

This particular post is about Commission Junction (, a third party affiliate program, and Direct TV, although others are also mentioned.

If a company has an affiliate program and it's a third party, instead of an in-house affiliate program, then I either suggest to them to please change it to an in house, user-friendly one, or just skip it altogether.  Here's why...

Then I find this long complaint from a guy who was ripped off by both Commission Junction and DirectTV. The second complaint is the real cluster-fuck of a messed up system.

Share-A-Sale is another one, and there have also been some complaints that they don't pay either. There are mixed reviews on them.  Some good, some bad.

We really like the InfusionSoft and Post Affiliate Pro software that many of the companies we work with, like to utilize. Both are very user-friendly, and we have always been paid by all the companies who utilize these two.

Some of the other companies use different ones, such as , That one is also good tracking affiliate software.  We have been paid by companies using them too. Other nice companiess such as Life Enthusiast, Dr. Buttar's, and a few others are also reliable too, although we have no idea which affiliate software is being used, but they are still in-house. is another "in-house" affiliate software. They are okay, I suppose, but I have no idea if the companies using them ever paid us or not, as it's been years since using that platform from companies. Keep in mind, that sometimes a company may be at fault for failure to pay. Dishonesty is EVERYWHERE, and affiliate programs have no immunity against that either. And sometimes the tracking software is utter shit too. So more than likely, it's both.  However, I am of the opinion that some of these third-party companies are keeping money meant for affiliates, by what I am reading online.

I've always heard bad things about DirectTV. Which is probably why they resorted to use the PTC programs like Inbox Dollars and Fusion Cash, etc... to promote their service.

There are a lot of complaints about our very own internet service provider too. Ahem!

Basically, NO ONE gives a rat's ass about doing their job anymore. Bad service, bad attitudes, and outsourced to foreign countries to handle their customer service, and then you get stuck on the phone with someone with severely broken English. The "Spirit of Excellence" has long since left the building.

In a way, I can kind sort of relate, because, as a single mother, I had to work at places, I hated, No one likes being stuck in a place that stresses them out and makes them unhappy. I've had to work jobs that I absolutely hated, which brings me back to why we here, LOVE doing affiliate programs to begin with. I mean, who wouldn't rather be at home with their loved ones, pets and no stress?  I would rather be at home than any place.

People, who know me well, know what kind of work, I like. And it HAS to be meaningful.  Like a job that TRULY helps another. Flipping burgers at a place that sells GMO'd NON-food poison is a good example of a MEANINGLESS job. The lamestream healthcare system is another, because of Big pHARMa and vaccine pushing. Those jobs are meaningless. Attorneys, too, is another one, as they work to support the CORPORATE status quo. So, if a job harms another, then HELL NO! Meaningful jobs would be:  Chiropractors, naturopaths, and the like. Being an independent artist or DJ, may seem meaningless to some, but no one is really harmed. A pro-vaccine pushing pediatrician (pedophile) killing children & people daily or a fun loving music playing DJ? My senior prom date was a local radio DJ, btw.

Affiliate programs are meaningful jobs, depending on the products, of course. Like promoting good health products, supplements (some are shit, as posted before in here!), health/beauty equipment, camping equipment, home improvement equipment (EZ Door Armor, RF Paint, Solar Powered Generators, etc...), and even cute fun cat tee shirts!  So we pick and choose those which have the best products, best affiliate tracking software, good people behind them, and those that truly help humanity (and animals too!).

I have listed a few of these companies in a post on here to allow others who would also like to do the same.

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