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Monday, November 7, 2016

Miracle Got a Cat-o-practic Adjustment

Miracle and Breezy getting along fine here...

Our beautiful cat Miracle had his very first chiropractic adjustment today.

Yes, cats can be adjusted as well as dogs, since they, too, have a spine and a nervous system like us.

Miracle and our other cat Breezy had been rough housing quite a bit and one time while in the shower, one of them screamed loud, so some kitty got hurt. Apparently it was Miracle, as he started having difficulty swallowing, and apparently has a small obstruction in his throat, so today, the lady vet and her assistant examined him and when feeling on his left side, he growled, scratched and tried to bite her. So like people, cats, too, can also knock something out of alignment and have problems from misalignments as well.

He has been unable to eat much, so we've already been giving him liquid chlorophyll to keep blood built up,and some organic sulfur water in a dropper. The irritation has caused some infection in the throat, so we got a liquid anti-biotic (we refused the inject-able one!), and Laxtone hairball remedy.

Since he had trouble moving his head, we thought a chiropractic visit was also necessary. So his C1 (Atlas) was definitely out and he had an occiput lift by Blaze Welch. Just with that alone, he was already walking better, and never tried once to bite or scratch the chiropractor, like he did with the vet. He had Atlas/C1 adjustment and an occiput lift.

When asking the vet about something being out of alignment causing difficulty, she said something to the effect that their spines wouldn't work like ours.  WTF?!!  REALLY?!  Cats, Dogs, etc... have a spine, an Atlas (C-1) a nervous system, an autonomic nervous system, so YES their spines would work like ours. If my Atlas is out, then I, too, have some difficulty swallowing, and get choked up on just spit. Remember, the atlas being out can compress on meninges, the spinal cord, and pinch some nerves, like pressing on the vagus nerve, which will cause coughing too. Miracle was coughing some too.

We're keeping an eye on him, and will give the remedy and meds, along with some liquid nutrition of some canned salmon juice to mix with the hairball remedy. And we will follow up with the vet next week to make sure he is recovering properly.

Prayers for him would be most appreciated.

I Can Haz Catopractor?!

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I LOVE these cats so much!