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Candida Summit

Friday, November 11, 2016

The Daily Messenger: The Real Lesson For America As Grubhub Stock Plunges After CEO Tells Trump Supporters To Resign...

The Daily Messenger: The Real Lesson For America As Grubhub Stock Plunges After CEO Tells Trump Supporters To Resign...: BOYCOTT GRUBHUB The blowback began yesterday as #boycottgrubhub took hold on social media. But it appears Americans - as deplorable as they are - are voting with their wallets and dumping Grubhub stock (now down 10% since the CEO explained in a company-wide email that Trump-supporting staff are not welcome and should resign.)...


Trump won, so get the hell over it GrubHub.  Wah wah wah!

According to Jimmy Soto, this is how to properly boycott more effectively.


All, if you're going to #boycottgrubhub, there are some steps you should take to make your #boycottgrubhub more effective:

1) Yes, certainly don't use GrubHub, but that's only the start. Especially since a lot of people either don't use it to begin with or don't use it on a regular basis. Also, don't forget that these are owned by Grubhub:

Restaurants on the Run
Delivered Dish
LA Bite

2) Please identify at least one restaurant from this database:

And tell them that you won't frequent their establishment in ANY WAY until they disassociate themselves with Grubhub. Grubhub makes its money from people having food delivered from restaurants and the fewer restaurants they having using their service as a delivery middleman, the less money they will make. We don't want to hurt the restaurant in any way--they will still have walk-ins or customers that don't know of this movement (or don't care), but #boycottgrubhub members need to stay philosophically consistent and make their voices heard.

If possible, let that restaurant know in a public forum (reviews, etc.) that you won't frequent them until they drop Grubhub. Post that review or post here.

Here is a template for you to use:

My family had decided that we won't eat at this restaurant either via delivery or in-person until they disassociate themselves with Grubhub, a company whose CEO told workers who didn't agree with his politics to resign! And in his follow up he explained that he had "no regrets" about the email in which he communicated this. No company should associate with a business whose narcissistic CEO wants to force his employees to lockstep with his ideology and threaten their jobs unless they do. Voter discrimination and workplace hostility have no place in a free American society.

3) Uninstall the Grubhub app and leave a negative review, yes, but for full effect, please star/upvote other people who are leaving negative reviews about Maloney. That way, those reviews will become featured or the "most helpful" and will have greater impact.

4) Find online ratings sites and let Grubhub know about your dissatisfaction:

5) Call their customer service line to let them know 877-585-1085 that people are allowed to hold their own political views--even ones that seem "intolerant" to "deplorable" to others--and so as long as they do their job well, there's no need to resort to workplace hostility and voter discrimination.

6) Notify your friends and spread the word to anyone who cares about this issue if workplace hostility and voter discrimination that there is more that they can do--and perhaps should do--than simply not using Grubhub.

7) You will run into restaurants like Bumsteads who thinks that voter discrimination and workplace hostility is a joke:

Make sure to inform them that workplace harassment and voter discrimination and intimidation isn't a joke to you.


Here's my suggestion too... Post Trump pictures in comments on any of their sites and social media...

Especially the Vaxxed one!!!!...

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