Candida Summit

Candida Summit

Monday, December 26, 2016

7 in LA County sickened in new measles outbreak

Another false flag pandemic to force vaccinate everyone.

Like clockwork! Last year, just prior to the introduction to SB277, a measles outbreak occurred. The outbreak aided the bill in its passage and gained lots of naive support. Now, SB18 has been introduced and yet another measles outbreak is reporting in the news. It's even mentioned in this article, "we haven't seen an outbreak like this since last years Disneyland outbreak." It literally is so disgusting what they are doing. The target mark here is to come after parents who don't vaccinate and claim the child is being neglected and a threat to public health. This is how they will be able to hand our children's rights over to the state. They also plan to use the "argument" that parents deprive their child of a fair and equal public education, and force the child to a non-socialized homeschool environment, all because they make negligent medical choices for their child. (By refusing to vaccinate them)

I am literally saying this out loud now, so that when this horror show unfolds before our very eyes, hopefully parents will show concern and get involved in this fight... ~Heather Leeann

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