Candida Summit

Candida Summit

Sunday, December 4, 2016


I have heard of this blood filtering before, but never remembered the name for it.

Sharing my experience- Apherisis is Germany. I went to the Apherisis Clinic in Cham, Germany.
This is recommended by Dr Klinghardt. (he probably makes money from recommending this! LOL) It helped with my MCS, chronic fatigue and gut issues. I had 3 treatments and got pregnant 2 weeks after getting my blood filtered. I wore a mask in public for 3 years! after a few sessions of Apherisis and DNRS i have not worn a mask or even thought about it since. (1 year ago). Not more seizures! no more gut issues or food sensitivities, Huge improvement on light and sound sensitivities, far less depression and rarely get anxiety now. This is only MY experience. I am not get paid in anyway to promote these treatments and i am NOT saying that this will work for everyone!. I have a long ways to go, but it is by FAR the most improvements i have ever made.I believe there is hope for us all. My heart goes out to everyone suffering and there loved ones. x  ~ Terri Day

This is just yet another way of cleansing and detoxification. I have no idea if there is anyone in the US doing this, but for now we can cleanse our blood other ways, with proteolytic enzymes which also cleanses the blood, and rebuild it back with liquid chlorophyll.

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