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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

CBP® baloney

Why I only let an ABC provider adjust me, or my hubby (since he also took the live seminar training).  Only other thing I will allow besides ABC is NCR (Neurocranial Restructuring), Atlas adjustment ala Blair Upper Cervical and/or AtlasProfilax, since nothing is pushed forward in those.  I will allow NRCT (Neurologic Relief Centers Technique), since no bones are being moved at all.

When I do have ROLFing or massage, then ABC is done immediately afterwards, because sometimes a vertebrae can accidentally get push forward, but that is quickly corrected right after.

In ABC, you do not do any of the dangerous moves. No rotation of the neck and no P to A adjusting. It is known in the chiropractic community that people who are adjusted by having there vertebra pushed forward in the thoracic (chest) region have an increased risk of stroke and heart attacks.

From the Advanced Biostructural Correction (ABC) webpage...

History: Back when people first started noticing that bones out of place caused problems with health, they noticed that some spinal bones (called vertebra) appeared to be out of place backwards. The concept was simple. Find the bone that’s backwards and with a person face down on a table push it forward. It seemed to make sense and that has been the theory behind most methods of manipulation since the beginning, even going back thousands of years ago to ancient methods used in India and China and then in more modern times, with methods developed in chiropractic, osteopathic, physical therapy and others.

Old Idea: In the animation notice that the person is face down. Then notice the two misaligned bones in the center of the spine. One is clearly forward and one is relatively backward. What is taught is to push the backward bone forward (the blue arrow coming down) and push the “backwards” bone forward (a typical chiropractic, osteopathic and physical therapy treatment and widely taught in all their schools). At the end of the treatment notice that rather than being lined up correctly there are now two bones stuck forward. This is why people continue to slump. You will see that immediately changes with bodies corrected properly — the pictures before and after ABC™ treatment.
That backward vertebra, before treatment, would feel stuck, swollen and tender to both the chiropractor and the patient. Adjusting this area of the spine forward, though painful for a second or so during the treatment, often leaves the patient feeling better at that spot. However, they are more forward overall.

This is how many of you probably practice. Chiropractors put people face down and push on their backs all the time. So do massage therapists even though they don’t thrust. Many exercises and stretches by physical therapists have the exact same effect on their patients bodies of pushing bones forward.

If you’re in a profession where you touch peoples backs then you know that some people have very healthy, flexible spines, but most do not. You also know that in the same person some areas of their spine move really well and other areas feel like tree trunks. Treatment goals usually involve manipulation of these stuck joints to free them up or strengthening and stretching of tight muscles that are causing the person pain.

So how does Advanced BioStructural Correction™ take a completely different approach to healing?
Go to for more detailed information. I have been adjusted the ABC way since late 2013 with meningeal releases and A to P adjustments or rather CORRECTIONS.

I'm as anal about this as I am about cellulose in supplements.

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